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“Why It’s So Funny,” Draymond Green Blasts People Making Fun Of Anthony Davis’ Head Injury

Draymond Green had made a terrible blunder in Game 4 against the Los Angeles Lakers that cost the Golden State Warriors the game. In the final minutes, Green tried to pass the ball to Andrew Wiggins. But Anthony Davis stole it. Finally, the Lakers held on to their lead and won the game 104-101. The game was that close, and later fans blamed Green for the loss.

However, in Game 5, Draymond Green answered all these critics as he displayed a stellar show. He helped the defending champions to still hang on to the series. Green scored 20 points and snatched ten rebounds as the Warriors beat the Lakers 121-106 in Game 5. But Davis got injured in his head in the game. Now, the series is in an exciting condition as the Lakers lead 3-2. If the LA side wins the next game at home court, they will go through to the conference finals. Recently, the Warriors’ defender shared his support for Anthony Davis after he sustained a head injury.


Draymond Green Defends Anthony Davis After Head Injury

Draymond Green Anthony Davis
Draymond Green Warriors Anthony Davis Lakers Source: Sports Illustrated

Apparently, both the lead Lakers stars sustained minor injuries in Game 5. LeBron James had a moment when he tweaked his left ankle, which could have been serious. But the biggest concern was the head injury of Anthony Davis. While trying to grab a rebound, he got hurt in the head from Kevon Looney’s elbow. The way Davis reacted was concerning, as he did not look good. Later, he was moved to the locker room via wheelchair. This information made TNT analysts Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal laugh out loud. Barkley was very happy to be proven right about his theory of Day to Day Davis.

However, the rival player has come forward to defend the Lakers’ ace this time. Draymond Green, on his podcast, recently mentioned that there is nothing to laugh about a head injury. According to him, “One blow to the head can turn life upside down. It is serious.” Furthermore, Green is happy to know that AD is healthy enough to play in Game 6. He believes that it feels better to play and win against a team that is playing at its full potential. However, if AD and James don’t play, then the Lakers may not be as strong as to beat the reigning champions. Only time will tell if the Lakers can stop the Warriors from leveling the series. Anthony Davis, who has been the anchor of the Lakers’ defense as well as offense, needs to guide the team through. On the other hand, Draymond Green and Stephen Curry, along with Klay Thomson, will be ready for the challenge to make it 3-3. 

Can The Lakers Stop The Dynasty Of The Warriors?

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Anthony Davis Lakers Source: Creator: Ezra Shaw Credit: Getty Images Copyright: 2023 Getty Images

This time, if the Warriors win once again against the Lakers, then they level the series 3-3. It will get tougher for the Lakers in Game 7 as they will be playing on the road, and that is never easy. Hence, it is essential that the Lakers seal the series on Friday. However, as the Warriors proved multiple times over the years that they can come back from any situation.

For instance, in Game 5, the Warriors had their back against the walls when they won the must-win match. Hence, the series may lead to a Game 7 thriller, as expected. But the Lakers will depend on the force of LeBron James and Anthony Davis to overcome the challenge of the Golden State Warriors.