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Stephen Curry Unfazed By Lakers Lead! Close To Take Revenge Against LeBron James For 2015-16 NBA Final

Stephen Curry is an experienced war hero of the NBA playoffs. He knows very well how to come back from a 3-1 deficit. It is not that new to him or the Golden State Warriors. Furthermore, in round 1, the Warriors beat the Kings after they were 0-2 down. Hence, the legendary three-pointer shooter feels the Lakers are under more pressure after they lost in Game 5 in the playoff semis. Other than LeBron James and Anthony Davis, the rest of the Lakers are pretty young to handle the pressure of a Lakers-Warriors playoff series.

Furthermore, when the defending champions are charged up to extend their dynasty. Moreover, it is going to be very tough for the Lakers. However, the LA franchise is still leading the series 3-2. Nobody said that this series was going to be a one-sided affair. The two great teams were supposed to go to war in the series. The sixth and seventh seeds are gradually making the playoff semis a very exciting and thrilling contest. Stephen Curry knows that the Lakers are feeling more pressure at the moment. Albeit, the Lakers still lead 3-2.


Stephen Curry Says LeBron’s Team Is Feeling More Pressure After Game 5

Stephen Curry Warriors LeBron James Lakers
Stephen Curry Warriors LeBron James Lakers Source: SFGATE

After the first four games, the Lakers were in complete control and were on the brink of eliminating the defending champions. But as expected, the Warriors came back with a bang winning Game 5 121-106 win. They were very calm and collected to keep their hopes alive. However, the Lakers are still the favorites to win the series. Since the two teams will meet again in Los Angeles for Game 6, and until now, the Lakers have won 5 games at their home court. Furthermore, Stephen Curry used that stat to say that the Lakers will be under tremendous pressure in the next game to save their record at home. Curry also added that the Warriors were under great pressure after the third loss in the series because they had their backs on the wall.

However, Stephen Curry feels the pressure has shifted. Furthermore, the opportunity to take revenge against LeBron James must be an inspiring thought for Stephen Curry. Moreover, the Warriors had the best regular season record back in the 2015-16 season. They broke the Bulls’ 96′ record. Furthermore, they even won the Western Conference final after recovering from a 1-3 deficit. However, against LeBron’s Cavaliers, the Warriors could not utilize the advantage of a 3-1 lead. Furthermore, it was embarrassing because, for the first time, a team lost in the NBA finals after a 3-1 lead. Hence, if the Golden States can beat the Lakers, it will be sweet revenge for the Warriors and Stephen Curry against King James.

What Can The Lakers Do Now?

Anthony Davis LeBron James Lakers
Anthony Davis LeBron James Lakers Source: Sporting News

On the other hand, the Lakers need to keep calm and focus on the basics. The Lakers need to take full use of the home game advantage. Furthermore, they need to figure out a way to stop Stephen Curry and Klay Thomson from shooting the deadly 3-pointers.

Anthony Davis and the Lakers have restricted Stephen Curry and the team pretty well in the playoff series. Moreover, they just need to continue what they have done so well throughout the series.