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Major Blow To The Lakers! LeBron James Hurts His Ankle In Game 5 Against The Warriors

For some people, LeBron James is not able to play at his best because he is not totally healthy. However, he had his best game of this playoff against the Warriors in Game 5. James scored 25 points, 3 assists, and 9 rebounds. But it is clear as crystal that the 38-year-old Superstar is not 100% fit. He was in excellent health throughout the season until he hurt his right foot against the Mavericks in late February. At the time, he hurt his feet, James mentioned, “I heard a ‘pop.'”

It was not a good sign, and as it turned out, the injury was severe. LeBron James suffered a tendon injury on his right foot and missed 13 games in almost a whole month. And after the analysis, it was advised that James might need to undergo surgery. However, he put a hold on that surgery and returned to the court quicker than expected. It was essential for the Lakers that James be there to guide his team through to the postseason. However, the Lakers’ ace might be unavailable for Game 6 in the playoff semis as he once again tweaked his left ankle.


LeBron James May Not Play In Game 6 Due To Ankle Injury

LeBron James
LeBron James

The Akron Hammer helped the Lakers to make the postseason after they missed it last year. However, in recent times LeBron James has been playing a supporting role to Anthony Davis as the latter is leading the team from both offense and defense. Hence after Game 5 against the defending champions, the Lakers faithful are worried that the team may miss both stars in their next game. Since LeBron James and Anthony Davis both got hurt last night. AD got hit in the fourth quarter when Kevon Looney’s elbow hurt the eight-time All-Star while he was trying to get a rebound. However, LeBron James had an ankle injury in the third quarter.

He tweaked his left ankle and was visibly in considerable pain. Albeit, he continued playing despite the pain until Darvin Ham substituted him. Furthermore, King James is lucky that he hurt his left ankle since his tendon injury was on the right leg. If he had hurt the right ankle again, it could have been the end for King James this season. However, there is no confirmation if King James will play in the next game. Moreover, Anthony Davis might have suffered a concussion. Then there is a chance that both stars may not play in Game 6 at home. As a result, the Lakers might waste their home advantage against the defending champions and a 3-2 lead. Hence, the Lakers may need to play Game 7, which will be on the road.

The Pressure Of Game 7 On The Road

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But no team wants to play a high-pressure match like Game 7 on the road. The Lakers will be under tremendous pressure if the series extends to Game 7 since it will be an away game, and the momentum will shift towards the Warriors then.

Hence, the Lakers need LeBron James and Anthony Davis to seal the series and get ready for the Western Conference Finals. But the young guns are in good touch as well, like D’Angelo Russell and Austin Reaves. The Lakers will need them to stay alert in case of an emergency.