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These Tracks Are A Threat To Red Bull’s Consecutive Winning Streak! Check Out

Formula One wins are not always about the drivers and the cars. There are so many things that are responsible for the race results. Apparently, it is observed that Max Verstappen isn’t much good at street circuits. He has often lost the race to his teammate Sergio Perez who, on the other hand, is a master of streets, as they say. However, Aston Martin driver Fernando Alonso has claimed that his team will soon take the lead and defeat the Red Bulls. But how? The eldest driver on the grid revealed that there are two tracks where Aston Martin may become the reason for breaking the winning streaks of Red Bull.

So far, according to the history and the stats, the five wins, that too with a one-two finish except for one, it can be claimed that Red Bull is the winner of the 2023 F1 season. But it is hard to say that Red Bull will be able to win all 23 races of the season. This is because Aston Martin is clearly moving ahead. And it will not be too long before the team will mark their first win. Alonso has barely let go of the podiums. Only the AMR23 has been able to run closest to the RB19. Despite that, Aston Martin is still 112 points behind Red Bull, which is more than half of what the Austrian team has secured, 224. However, there are two tracks ahead in which the AMR23 may defeat the RB19. At least, per what as Fernando Alonso is saying, it seems possible.

Fernando Alonso third on podium Bahrain Grand Prix 2023

Fernando Alonso Explains How Aston Martin Can Beat Red Bull In Monaco And Spain

Just ahead of the Miami Grand Prix, in which the Spaniard finished third, he opened up about his wishes. Third on the podium is fine, but the desire to take the second position on the podium is still not easy to achieve for Fernando Alonso. “But the two Red Bull drivers are always unbeatable and super fast,” that is why Fernando could not even get to finish the second. [he is not even talking about the first, as Max Verstappen is irreplaceable.]

Nevertheless, there are two tracks where the Aston Martin driver can see hope for his first win after so long. They are MONACO and BARCELONA. “Maybe we have a possibility there,” he said. In addition, the 41-year-old driver expressed his satisfaction with beating teams like Mercedes and Ferrari in the constructor’s championship. According to Alonso, this year is going to be different. And that is because Aston Martin has been driving with their best pace.

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There have been no safety cars initiated by Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll, and still, they are fast. Moreover, the team has been finishing the closest to the leaders. This season is long, and hopefully, there are some tracks where “we can get closer to them,” said the Spaniard. On top of that, the upgrades that the British team is into bringing in the car may lead them to a more competitive environment. This is how Fernando Alonso explained the scenario of Aston Martin as of late. He believes that the main focus at present is to keep Mercedes and Ferrari Constructors in the championship under control.