Carlos Rodon
Yankees pitcher Carlos Rodon wont’ throw for 7-to-10 days due to a strain in his pitching forearm.AP

The Yankees, indeed, started the 2023 season with the highest payroll. This is even more than the Tampa Bay Rays, which is leading the AL East while the Yankees stand at last. However, an unfortunate thing happened to the New York baseball team, and the roster they planned could not even their debut. One of the most anticipated players that the Yankees traded from the Guardians with a payoff of $162 million approx is Carlos Rodon. He is a two-time all-star, and he must bring a difference in the Yankees’ score. But how can he do it being on the hospital bed? During the spring training, Rodon had a long-time back injury and forearm strain. It is so serious that till today, no doctors suggested when he will return to the pitch.

Frustrated fans started making rumors that he would not come to the field by this year. One of the fans tweeted through an unknown source, claiming that Carlos will not come to the pitch in 2022. However, soon his wife, Ashley Rodon, stepped in and commented, “[This is] Bullshit. -reliable source.”

Carlos Rodon
Carlos Rodon with his wife, Ashley Rodon

Reportedly, Carlos Rodon was injected with cortisone on Tuesday, which has been able to provide aid to his back injury. After Ashley called his ‘missing on the pitch for the entire season’ news to be bullshit. Fans were a little relaxed that not so soon, but at least he will come. However, in the recent update, we got a statement from the Yankees manager Aaron Boone.

Carlos Rodon Will Be Ready For Throwing By The Weekend

Speaking of the injection that Rodon was given on Tuesday, the manager said that they’ll observe him for now. He explained that there were 48 hours when Carlos was not able to do much at all. But then, “hopefully, on Friday, he’ll start exercising and also throwing by the weekend.”

So all those who were waiting for Carlos Rodon’s return must get aware that by this weekend, he will start practicing the throwing. Rodon is under contract with the Yankees for six years. 2023 was the first, but sadly, has been very frustrating for both the player and the team and also for fans.

Carlos Rodon pitching in Sprint Practice

However, there is the news that suggests “not to get your hopes up for Carlos Rodon pitching this season.” This was not an unverified source, by the way. O’Brien, who is a co-host of the Talkin’ Yankees, said the above in the podcast, which also involves weekly spots from Aaron Boone.

The co-host also revealed as “passing the things that have been passed to us from the unverified sources, we get some people like, ‘eh! I don’t think it’s going to happen.” However, now that Boone has updated regarding Rodon’s recovery, it seems like fans will see Rodon on the Yankees’ roster sooner than expected.