Carlos Rodon
Carlos Rodon with his wife Ashley Rodon

The Yankees are struggling very hard on and off the field for its strong but injured players. First for Aaron Hicks, then for Harrison Bader, and now for Carlos Rodon, the social media remained full of Yankees comments. Rodon signed a huge deal with the New York Yankees this year for the role of the number 2 starter right behind Gerrit Cole. But sadly, due to the injury, he remained prevented from the PITCH. Since then, there has been no improvement or any good news for the return of the ex-Giants player. And looks like now, fans have started predicting his impending future.

The frustrated Yankees, who are still waiting to see the two-time All-star Rodon performing, went too far to predict his return on the pitch. One of the Yankees fans named Yankee Mandela on Twitter said, “Jomboy said on Talkin’ Yanks that Carlos Rodon has heard from unverified sources within the Yankees building not to get your hopes up on Rodon Pitching THIS YEAR.”


However, soon, the wife of the pitcher, Ashley Rodon, stepped in to speak on the matter. She addressed all the fan queries, asserting them to be “Bullshit.” And for the source name, she mentioned “Reliable source.” It was quite an interesting tweet battle Yankees fandom had, though.

And just after Ashley Rodon sarcastically replied to the fans’ claim, other fans who are really wishing to see Rodon on the field soon came to support her. One of the fans said, “Ashely from the top rope.” Another tweeted, “Loved it. Carlos is a lucky man.”

Carlos Rodon Will Have His Debut In the Yankees Before The End Of The Season For Sure. When? Still Unkown.

Now that Ashley mentioned the “RELIABLE SOURCE,” a little sense of hope comes to the dark time of the Yankees. Even if not too soon, by this year, Carlos Rodon is coming on the pitch. Sadly, no official report has emerged yet informing us about the exact date when we may see the 30-year-old inning against the rivals.

Why Carlos Rodon is such a hope for the Yankees is clear. The Bronx Bombers had him through the trade from the San Francisco Giants only for his Stunning moves. He was the valuable asset the Yankees started the 2023 season. During the spring training, Carlos proved himself to be a good decision. He made plus two innings against the Atlanta Braves! But just after four days of his debut in the Yankees training, on March 9, he was injured. Carlos got a strain in the forehand so bad that perhaps ignited the old sprain he had back in 2022 playing for the Giants. However, even with that injury, he succeeded in claiming 2.88 with 237 strikeouts with 14-8 in the 31 games.

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Carlos Rodon, the ex-Giants Pitcher suffering from Forarm and back injury

Currently, speaking of his recovery stage, no good news paves the way. According to some of the reports, it is “chronic.” Rodon’s $162 million contract with the Yankees is still waiting to be used. He is suffering from the forearm injury as well as the back tightness. Therefore, not a so soon return is expected. But it won’t be as late as this year, this is confirmed by his wife.