LeBron James Lakers
LeBron James Lakers Source: Fadeaway World

LeBron James has been part of the NBA Championship for twenty years now. And everybody knows how competitive the AKRON HAMMER is. The motivation to win championships is what drives him, and that is the reason why he has not called curtains on his career. The man from Akron, Ohio, is 38. But he has accomplished so much in his career that very few can even dream of. Despite that, LeBron James wants to win and help his team win more titles.

It has been three years since LeBron James won an NBA ring for being part of a championship team the last time. After a long wait, he has managed to reach the postseason with the Lakers. But the problem with the team has been inconsistency. Throughout the season, the Lakers have barely managed to maintain a streak. This lack of wins cost them dearly, as they could not finish in the top six. However, the seventh seed has done exceedingly well to make the 2nd round of the playoffs in the Western Conference. Now, the Lakers are leading 3-2 against the defending champions. They win one more game, and they seal the series.


LeBron James Assures Warriors’ Coach, “We Don’t Do Flopping”

LeBron James Lakers
LeBron James Lakers Source: NBC Sports

In Game 5 against the Warriors, LeBron James scored 25 points, although in a losing cause. But he is gradually getting back to his form. That game was a crucial one for both teams. Now, the Warriors must win on the road in their next encounter against the Lakers for Game 6 to keep their dynasty alive. However, Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr has accused the rivals of flopping. According to the coach, “The Lakers have been using the flopping technique a lot this series.” However, LeBron James has come out to defend his team after Kerr’s comments. The Lakers star acknowledged, “We don’t practice flopping. I’ve never been part of a team for these two decades where we encouraged the practice of flopping.”

On the other hand, the Golden State forward JaMychal Green trolled LeBron James on Instagram after he replied to Kerr’s comments. Green used a blue cap to describe that James was lying. Some netizens had a laugh about it, but there are some who criticized Green, saying, “Why would you want to poke the bear?” It is true that every time King James has been trolled or attacked, he has replied back on the court. Moreover, it is not ideal for the Warriors to charge LeBron up. They are already on the backfoot as the Lakers are leading by 3-2. It is a matter of a game that can help the Lakers move to the Conference finals and eliminate the reigning champions. Apparently, LeBron James performed well in the last game. Hence, he can be the game-changer in Game 6, and it won’t be funny then for the Golden State Warriors.

James Vs. Warriors – The Rivalry Is Getting More Intense

Stephen Curry Warriors LeBron James Lakers
Stephen Curry Warriors LeBron James Lakers Source: SFGATE

In Game 5, the Warriors displayed a terrific performance to beat the Lakers. LeBron James is once again a tough obstacle for the Golden State Warriors to overcome in the playoffs. LeBron and the Warriors have had an epic rivalry since the days of the King with the Cavaliers.

Moreover, since 2018 the Warriors have not faced James in the playoffs. Furthermore, it has been a while, and it seems like the King has the upper hand at the moment over the defending champions.