Aaron Hicks\’ Disappointment Continues As Yankees Lose To Orioles By 9-6!

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On Thursday, the New York Yankees lost the fifth game of the five-game series against the Baltimore Orioles. While Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton continued to fire with the Yankees lineup supporting them in all departments, Aaron Hicks struggled to make the right contact and find his power. Hicks returned to the center field as the Yankees tried to get their experienced campaigner back in form. However, the 32-year-old failed to make good contact yet again, leading to more frustrations for Hicks. The Yankees\’ center fielder has gone without a hit in four at-bats. He was struck out during the 9-6 loss against Baltimore on three occasions. The Yankees star continued his slumping with an embarrassing record of 2-for-37, and only a couple of extra-base hits the whole season.

Further, Hicks faced a strike out with the bases loaded in the sixth. He got out again with a runner on first in the eighth. After failing in his final innings, Hick appeared furious as he slammed his bat and helmet on the field. The Yankees manager Aaron Boone opened up about Hicks\’ current form and how the team is trying to keep him in the right headspace to return to his performing self.

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Manager Boone Talks About Hicks\’ Form

After another failure on Thursday, Hicks is now 3-for-23 this season with runners in scoring position. The Bombers manager shared that Wednesday and Thursday\’s game was a little bit pressing for Hicks. Boone stated that the team needs to support Aaron and help him keep going. He wanted to perform desperately, and the reason behind his frustrations on Thursday was a result of him wanting it too bad. Aaron Boone added, \”You have to strike a balance. The Yankees support him and work to get him there.\”

Unfortunately for Hicks, the return from injury has not been great for the center fielder. He made a comeback after a season-ending surgery to deal with a torn sheath in his left wrist. Boone said before the game that Hicks has found it hard to make really good contact so far and praised his ability to control the strike zone. 

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However, things are getting tricky with each game as the outfielder has only walked just once in his last 28 innings. Meanwhile, the Yankees will not play a three-match series against the Chicago White Sox as they hope to continue their 28-10 record this season. However, the Pinstripers

will need their star center fielder to get back in form as they move towards the crucial stages of the season.

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