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LeBron James Lakers Draymond Green Warriors Source: NBC Sports

LeBron James and Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors have seen a huge evolution in their relationship. The period between 2015 and 2018 saw an intense and fierce rivalry between the two players and their teams. They met in four straight finals during that period. Moreover, the Dubs were able to win three of those four finals against the LBJ-led Cleveland Cavaliers. Only in 2016 was the all-time leading scorer able to lead his hometown franchise to an epic NBA Finals win. 

The rivalry between the Cavs and the GSW was the biggest highlight of the last decade in the NBA. Later, when LeBron James joined the Los Angeles Lakers, things started to get better between Green and him in terms of a fierce rivalry. Their relationship got more about mutual respect and admiration. Draymond Green has often mentioned that he believes LeBron is the GOAT. Lately, LBJ returned the favor in admiring Green’s value to the Warriors. 


Why LeBron James Think Draymond Green Is An Important Piece Of The Warriors Rotation?

Draymond Green Warriors
Draymond Green Warriors Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Recently, on the latest episode of Mind the Game, LeBron James told JJ Redick why Green is still very valuable for the Warriors. The all-time leading scorer mentioned that Draymond Green’s biggest asset lies in the team’s offensive plans. Moreover, the Lakers Legend added that Green has the ability to get the Splash Brothers open and then “Play in the pocket.” On top of that, LeBron James praised Green’s IQ for kicking in the right moment. Clearly, Green is a big help for Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson and always has been. He has been a big part of the Dubs Dynasty. Dray, along with the Splash brothers, has also won as many as four titles with the Golden State Warriors. 

However, the veteran forward had a pretty difficult 2023-2024 season. Moreover, his two back to back suspensions early in the season weakened the Dubs greatly. It became quite hard for the Warriors to maintain a winning streak in the absence of Dray Green. The GSW was missing him greatly in the defense as well. There is a good reason why Green, the veteran forward was the 2017 Defensive Player of the Year award winner. But nothing really worked for the Dubs in the 2023-24 edition. Eventually, the Sacramento Kings knocked them out in the play-in stage. Clearly, the Warriors’ front office must be planning a lot of changes ahead of the next season. 

Dubs Face A Lot Of Offseason Questions

Klay Thompson Warriors Stephen Curry Draymond Green
Klay Thompson Stephen Curry Draymond Green Warriors Source: Heavy.com

Although Draymond Green was the biggest disappointment of the 2023-24 season for the Warriors, he has a multi-year contract with the team. Last offseason, Dray signed a four-year contract extension worth $100 million. The Dubs may not trade Green soon. But what about Klay Thompson? He had the worst performance in the play-in game against the Sacramento Kings, scoring zero points.

Moreover, Klay Thompson will be an unrestricted free agent this offseason. Will the Warriors let him go? The GSW can trade Klay and Chris Paul too this offseason. But they will have Steph, Green, and the breakout player Jonathan Kuminga. Hence, the franchise will still have something to look forward to in the following seasons. 

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