Yankees\’ Aaron Judge Becomes The First Player To Hit 30 Homeruns This Season With A Grand Slam Against Pittsburgh!

Yankees Aaron Judge

On Wednesday, the New York Yankees thrashed the Pittsburgh Pirates by 16-0, thanks to a dominating outing from Aaron Judge. The four-time All-Star became the first hitter to reach thirty home runs in 2022, reaching the milestone with a massive grand slam. The Yankees slugger scored an eight-inning grand slam against his former teammate Manny Banuelos, as the ball left Judge\’s bat at 114.7 mph and traveled 419 feet. 

Moreover, Aaron Judge recorded his third 20-homer season, the second time he reached the milestone before the All-Star break. Only Mark McGwire (4) and Ken Griffey Jr. (3) have achieved more than 30- Homeruns during the first half since the 1st ASG in 1933. Apart from the grand slam, the 2-time Silver Slugger winner scored a single, double, and a walk during Wednesday\’s encounter. The Bombers slugger is hitting .287/.366/.627 this season and also handling the crucial responsibilities of a primary center fielder. Judge is also the early frontrunner to win the American League MVP award during his walk year. 

Aaron Hicks also hit a grand slam on Wednesday as the Yankees recorded multiple grand slams in a game for the first time since 2011. The Bombers took the struggling Pittsburgh pitching for six home runs, as New York achieved their highest victory margin in a shutout since 1960. Thus, a win against the Pirates takes the Yankees\’ win-loss record to 59-23 with a 175+ run differential. Moreover, the Pinstripers have won 14 games more than the second-ranked Red Sox in the American League East table.


Judge\’s High-Class Performances Could Make It Tougher For Yankees To Retain Him

Aaron Judge has been in sensational form this season. He turned down a seven-year, $213m contract extension before the start of the season, taking a huge gamble on himself. Judge demanded a much higher salary which the Bombers were not willing to agree with. However, his clean heating this season has taken him to 30 home runs even before the start of the All-Star matches. Thus, with Aaron ready to be a free agent after the season, the Yankees could end up losing him if they don\’t find a way to make the 2017 AL Rookie of the Year stay. He will also start for the American League in the 2022 MLB All-Star game.

Aaron Judge

However, on Tuesday, Alex Rodriguez revealed on The Show that the extension talks between the Yankees and Aaron Judge might be hampered by free agency. Rodriguez stated that Judge is a world class-kid, Madison Avenue friendly, with his poise and maturing at their apex. The MLB expert said that Aaron was not just an MVP on the field but also a great marketing tool for a dynasty like the Yankees. Judge\’s presence has improved the Bombers\’ business, and Rodriguez felt that the Pinstripers might have taken a huge gamble by now agreeing to Judge\’s requested salary. he reckoned, \”I handicap that it\’s probably 50-50 that he comes back to the Yankees.\”

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