Novak Djokovic has progressed into the semifinals of Wimbledon 2022 after clinching a quarterfinal win against Jannik Sinner. The Serb defeated the world no. 13 in five sets after giving away the first two sets. Eventually, Novak pulled the game in his favor securing the final three sets in a 5-7, 2-6, 6-3, 6-2, 6-2 win. The world no. 3 will now face Cameron Norrie during the semifinals as he aims to clinch his first major of 2022 at Wimbledon.

However, Djokovic sparked speculations during his last-16 victory against Tim van Rijthoven. He gestured to his coach\’s box, pointed at his bottle, and squeezed it in his mouth. Several reports suggested that Nole was inhaling the contents of his bottle, making the situation a lot more suspicious. The Serb was spotted doing a similar thing during the Australian Open in 2020. When asked about the content of his bottle, Djokovic joked that the liquids were magic potions that his physio had prepared in his lab. 


Sources in Wimbledon suggested that there was nothing suspicious about the whole incident. Moreover, several tennis experts have pointed out that the contents of Nole\’s bottle appeared to be unmixed energy drink or isotope powder, dismissing doping speculations. 

One of the sources said that a player would not benefit from consuming the powder during the match. However, the source confirmed that the powder Nole consumed was isotonic as several players have started to eat the powder instead of mixing it in water. The source further stated that the powder was mainly pre-workout stuff providing a buzz to the players. He added, \”I imagine it\’s disgusting in the throat. It is weird. But it\’s what they are doing.\”

Djokovic Quite Conscious About His Health:

Djokovic was one of the major high-profile athletes who refused to take the Covid-19 vaccination. His stand against the vaccination has resulted in the Serb missing out on a number of tournaments this year, including the Australian Open. Nole is also set to miss the US Open later in the year as he stands firm about his views. The Serb is quite concerned about his diet and once disclosed that he rewards himself with a square of chocolate after a win. 


Moreover, the 35-year-old converted to a gluten-free diet four years ago. Nole claimed that the diet change helped him become a completely different man in 18 months. Djokovic also said his life had changed after he started to eat the right foods for his body. In addition, Novak\’s diet mainly comprises vegetables, beans, white meat, fish, nuts, seeds, chickpeas, lentils, and healthy oils.

According to reports, Djokovic reportedly consumes isotonic sports drink powder. It has about 40 to 80 grams of carbohydrate per liter, providing a similar osmolarity as body fluids. It is an effective source of rehydration.

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