New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone and right fielder Aaron Judge

Yankees, with an intention to correct last season’s mistakes, devised a plan to build a strong offense in the off-season. The execution was near perfect as they acquired pitcher Carlos Rodon and retained notable pitchers to construct a good depth in the rotation. However, the picture is not complete yet as a few holes in the bullpen are clearly visible from a long sight.

For starters, the New York Yankees let their best-left fielder, Andrew Benintendi, leave for the Giants. Moreover, Andrew claimed the Yanks did not make any significant efforts to convince him to stay. Post that, the Yankees found themselves in a deep hole they dug for themselves. Multiple efforts in the free agent market went down the drain as the Bombers could reach an agreement. However, MLB Analysts reveal the real reason behind the Yankees’ failure to acquire an outfielder.


MLB Analyst Reveals The Roadblock For The Yankees In The Free Agent Market

Jurickson Profar, David Peralta, Bryan Reynolds
Jurickson Profar, David Peralta, Bryan Reynolds

The Yankees made several efforts to acquire a left-field outfielder in the free-agent market. However, the negotiations were unsuccessful, as the Bombers did not announce any new sign-ins. The current situation is that the Yanks bullpen is missing a designated left fielder with opening day approaching in less than two months. In the meantime, the Yanks front office announced Aaron Hicks would start in the left field until the club finds a replacement.

While New York Yankees general manager, Brian Cashman, maintained his stance of resolving the left field issues internally, MLB analysts believe otherwise. Bob Nightengale of USA Today believes that the Yankees are keen on bringing an outfielder on board. However, the real reason that’s putting them off is the high price tags of free agents. Bob used the example of Jurickson Profar. The Yanks are low on funds and hence are unable to make any buys.

The Yankees still would like to bring in another outfielder. But continue to be put off by free agent Jurickson Profar’s asking price.” 

Jurickson Profar Out Of The Bombers Reach?

Jurickson Profar-Yankees
Jurickson Profar-Yankees

Earlier, rumors floated that the Yankees are keeping a tab on an outfielder, Jurickson Profar, for a possible buyout. However, Profar’s high price ask has put off the Yanks for the time being. FYI, the Yankees are under the luxury tax scanner. Hence, acquiring any new player will cost them 90% tax on every dollar spent above the set threshold.

Apart from Porfar, the Yankees are in talks with the Pittsburgh Pirates for a trade of Bryan Reynolds. Bryan’s inclusion could be a jackpot for the Yanks. However, the Pirates have created a major roadblock as they asked the Yanks for a whole farm in exchange. Hence, the trade is on hold for at least this off-season. For now, the Bombers will have to settle with Aaron Hicks.

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