Yankees Still Looking For Players To Cover These Vacancies In The Bullpen, Check Them Out

Brian Cashman

Christmas is almost here, and it seems like the New York Yankees had the biggest shopping list this season. Ever since the beginning of the offseason, there have been various reports about the players that the Yankees have eyes on. Luckily, the team has managed to get a few of them, with Aaron Judge and Carlos Rodon being the Bombers\’ biggest acquisitions. However, the work is not yet done for the Bombers. There are still some holes that the Yankees might have to fill in their roaster for the next season.

The Yankees Have Few More Gaps To Fill In Their Squad!

Apparently, the offseason has been great for the Yankees. The finest rotation in the American League, if not all of baseball, is now theirs thanks to a six-year, $162 million contract they reached with lefthander Carlos Rodón last night. This gave them the three players they most needed to sign, along with the re-signing of both Anthony Rizzo and Aaron Judge. With Rodón replacing Jameson Taillon, the Bombers are currently in a stronger position than they were in last season.


Prior to the start of spring training, general manager Brian Cashman still has further work to complete over the next two months. The Yankees signed Rodón in the hopes that he would not only help them reach the postseason. But also help them win it. However, no one can dispute the fact that they were in need of another ace, given the swing-and-miss play that is so essential to playoff success. The Astros won the AL Championship Series this year. But their failure to score was their worst flaw.

The Yankees\’ offensive troubles during the ALCS may indeed have been partially the result of bad luck when facing a top pitching staff. Aaron Judge had a 1-for-16 series record. On three of his flyouts, he narrowly missed extra-base hits, though. On those lines, a batting average of.810, .910, and.960 are anticipated. Judge\’s first genuine slump of the season came that Giancarlo Stanton and Gleyber Torres going cold. At the same time as Matt Carpenter was making a comeback. And DJ LeMahieu was sidelined due to a persistent toe injury.

Brian Cashman

The Yankees can also afford to hold out until the trade deadline when their own will be more obvious. Perhaps Cody Bellinger is now healthier and more like the player he was throughout his first three seasons. The All-Star break may also eliminate the Cubs.

Alternatively, the Giants may finish in a dismal third place in the West, behind the Dodgers and Padres. With no chance of earning a wild-card slot, Joc Pederson might become a free agent. According to recent reports, Andrew Benintendi and Joey Gallo have both signed five-year, $75 million contracts with the White Sox and the Twins, respectively.

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