Anthony Volpe
Yankees rookie shortstop Anthony Volpe was 0-for-4 with three strikeouts and a game-changing first error of the season in Sunday’s 5-1 loss to the Blue Jays.AP

Anthony Volpe, the New York Yankees’ highly touted prospect, built a name for himself in a short span of time solely because of his talent and intense athleticism. A heroic effort in spring training earned him a spot in the Yankees major league lineup at the tender age of 21. While the shortstop has shown flashes of brilliance in the past, the major league is a different ball game altogether, and it takes years for rookies to get accustomed to the pressure and expectations.

Volpe, the Yankees rookie of the 2023 season, seems to be going through the same dilemma. His transition into the major league has been somewhat underwhelming. Initially, the shortstop came in way down the order at number nine and could not produce much. Slowly, his slump with the bat started taking a toll on his overall gameplay as he recorded some miscues in the field. However, as soon as the Yankees promoted him to the leadoff hitter, Volpe gained some hits. But even that did not last long, as he is apparently facing yet another slump. Meanwhile, the manager’s comments on the whole issue caused a massive debate on social media.


Aaron Boone Defends Anthony Volpe Amid Form Slump

Anthony Volpe
The Yankees have seen the aggressiveness on the bases of Anthony Volpe / Jim McIsaac / GettyImages

Anthony Volpe got promoted as the leadoff hitter in the aftermath of DJ LeMahieu‘s injury scare. The position suited the rookie as he slammed his first career homer in the very first game as the lead hitter. He further went to add a few more before hitting another slump. Since the past few weeks, Volpe has failed to create much of an impact with the bat. Despite the slump, the Yankees continue playing him as the leadoff hitter. Amid the criticism, the Bombers’ manager addressed the issue and came out in defense of the shortstop.

Aaron Boone, the Yankees skipper, said Anthony Volpe has been somewhat unlucky in the leadoff spot until now. He still needs some extra time to find his mojo back, and hence for now, he will continue playing at that spot. Also, the skipper clarified that since DJ LeMahieu is having an off day, they have no option but to start Volpe in the leadoff spot. Overall, Boone’s comments indicate how much the team trusts and believes in Volpe. They have invested heavily in his growth so far and will continue to do whatever’s necessary to shape him into a consistent performer for years to come. For now, the fans must stay a little patient with the rookie.

Yankees Fans Divided Over Boone’s Comments On Anthony Volpe

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The recent comments made by New York Yankees’ manager regarding Anthony Volpe’s slump have sparked a division of opinions on the internet. Some fans believe the Yankee management has blind trust in the shortstop despite his repeated struggle. Being a rookie and inexperienced does not guarantee him a place in the lineup.

However, few lent their support for Anthony Volpe, citing that he is just a rookie and people must stay patient with him. After all, the shortstop is just 21 years old and has tons of knowledge and experience to gain from here. Volpe is the future of the Yankees and must be handled with care. Regardless of people’s opinions, the Yankees management and Anthony Volpe both understand the gravity of the situation and would likely do their best to overcome the concerning slump.