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Aaron Hicks On IL With Hip Injury? Speculation Grows After The Yankees’ Outfielder Gets Pulled Out Of The Field

The New York Yankees are fighting hard against the raining injuries. Despite losing out key players to injuries, the team has tried to hold the fort by sticking together. However, it won’t be too long before everything falls apart. On Tuesday, as the Yankees enjoyed the return of captain Aaron Judge, outfielder Aaron Hicks cut short the celebrations with an unfortunate injury.

Apparently, Aaron Hicks is one fine player the fans cannot stand. His prolonged slump has made him a villain among the Yankee base. However, despite criticism, trolling, and boos, the outfielder kept his head down and worked hard behind the scenes to get the basics right. After relentless efforts, Hicks had just started to put up some impressive plays. But an unfortunate injury now hinders his progress.


Aaron Hicks Heading Towards IL After Recent Injury Scare

Aaron Hicks
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New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Hicks has had a rollercoaster start to the season. After the initial snub, the outfielder finally received opportunities to start in the lineup in left field. However, the switch hitter wasted those chances until this Monday. On Monday, the Yankees faced the Oakland Athletics, wherein Hicks overcame his months-long slump to record the first homer of the season. He breathed a sigh of relief before soaking in the applause from his teammates as well as the Yankee crowd. However, his happiness was short lives as just a day later, he faced a major injury scare.

Owing to an impressive home run, the Yankees asked Aaron Hicks to start in the left field for Tuesday’s game. He stole one base and scored a run off Anthony Rizzo‘s single before the unfortunate incident took place. While running on the base path in the third inning, the outfielder apparently felt some discomfort in the hip area and was eventually pulled out midway. Oswald Cabrera filled in for the rest of the game as suspense over Hicks’ injury kept on growing. The Yankees have not issued any clarification. They will assess him on Wednesday and decide on the further course of action as per the results of the assessment. Meanwhile, Hicks looked visibly dejected and said that he had finally started to put up good at-bats after a long wait. Hence, it sucks to be heading backward from here.

Rays Pitcher Suffered A Season Ending Injury After Contact With Hicks

Aaron Hick
Garrett Cleavinger #60 of the Tampa Bay Rays tags out Aaron Hicks #31 of the New York Yankees during the 10th inning of a baseball game at Tropicana Field. [Source: Getty Images]

The Tampa Bay Rays hosted the New York Yankees for a three-game series at Tropicana Field last week. As per predictions and odds, the Rays took home much deserved victory. However, a freak incident during the final game of the series severely hurt Rays pitcher Garrett Cleavinger. During the 10th inning, the scores were tied at seven when Gleyber Torres stepped on the plate with Hicks on the third base. Torres launched a ground hit toward the shortstop, who spotted Hicks running down at home to complete a run.

Suddenly, Aaron Hicks found himself in between three fielders and started running mindlessly on the base path. During the whole chaos, pitcher Garrett Cleavinger grabbed the ball and started chasing the outfielder, who forced a contact to avoid getting out. However, the contact injured the pitcher pretty badly as he left the game shortly after. Meanwhile, as per the latest reports, Garrett has been diagnosed with an ACL injury and could likely miss the rest of the season.