Yankees’ Rookie Gives Aaron Judge A Run For Money After Fiery Throw From Right Field

Tayler Aguilar- Yankees

New York Yankees’ latest rookie sensation turned heads during spring training after an electric throw from right field.

The Yankees front office has decided to hold back the injury-prone regular player and limit their game time during spring training. Hence, since the start of the Grapefruit League, the Yanks are fielding an inexperienced side filled with prospects and rookies. Further, the young guns are making the most of the opportunity and have delivered impressive performances so far.

Meanwhile, a rookie associated with the New York Yankees affiliated minor league caught the eye during spring training. The rookie was placed at the right field and did a way better job than anyone. Moreover, some fans even feel that he could replace the Yanks captain, Aaron Judge, in the right field in the future. But who is this guy, and where did he come from? Let’s dive right into it.

Yankees Rookie Tayler Aguilar Turns Head At Spring Training

Tayler Aguilar-Yankees
Image Source: Grand Canyon Baseball Twitter Page- Yankees

The New York Yankees have a new rookie sensation on their hands, and his name is Tayler Aguilar. Aguilar was signed by the Yankees as an undrafted free agent out of Grand Canyon University. Last season, he played for two teams in minor league and posted some good numbers. Hence, the Bombers’ front office called him for spring training. Further, Aguilar was given an opportunity to play against the Detroit Tigers, and he managed to mark his presence.

During the eighth innings, the hitter made a hit at the mid-right field, close to the positioning of Tayler Aguliar. Further, Aguilar made a quick run and got hold of the ball. He immediately threw the ball to the catcher at third base. Tayler’s throw was so good and quick, and it helped the team save the run, the game lead, and the match. The fans were awe-struck by the rookie’s throw and heaped praises on the same. However, the right field has been Aaron Judge‘s fortress since 2017. Hence, the rookie is gonna have to wait for his turn. Nonetheless, Tayler’s performance is a positive sign for the Yankees in the long run.

Aaron Judge Considering Moving To The Left

While right field might be Aaron Judge’s comfort space, this season, he wants to get out of it. As per rumors, Judge proposed an idea to Aaron Boone to move him to the left field. The move seems unreasonable, considering the slugger hasn’t played left field since his rookie season. However, the captain had a well-prepared explanation.

Aaron Judge-Aaron Boone
Yankees Skipper Aaron Boone was unable to offer any insight into Aaron Judge’s free agency on Tuesday night. Getty Images

According to Judge, him moving to the left field is a win-win situation for the Yankees. The Bombers need to fit Giancarlo Stanton and Harison Bader into the lineup. Stanton is prone to injury at the infield. Hence, he is better of at right. Moreover, Bader would retain his place as a designated center fielder. And Judge would make a sacrifice and move left field so that all the key players fit in well on the roster. That’s still a long shot, but the Judge-Boone due look pretty serious about it.