Giancarlo Stanton

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Yankees’ Giancarlo Stanton Back In SOLID Form! Stuns Carlos Rodon With A Powerful Hit

New York Yankees ace DH Giancarlo Stanton made his presence felt in spring training by clicking the loudest hit of the session.

The 2023 MLB season will commence at the end of March. The New York Yankees, who lost out in the ALCS last season, are looking for a chance at redemption this season with a stellar bullpen. The Yankees spent more than $500 million this off-season to get the best fish in the pond. However, is that good enough to land them that title after 13 years? Only time will tell.


Meanwhile, the Bronx Bombers are currently participating in the spring training session ahead of the 2023 MLB season. As many as 69 rosters and non-roster invitees are participating in this year’s spring session. Moreover, the pitchers and hitters had a face-off yesterday wherein the Yankees’ designated hitter, Giancarlo Stanton, stole the limelight with a clean strike of the club’s newest addition, Carlos Rodon.

Giancarlo Stanton Clicked The Loudest At Live Practice Session

Giancarlo Stanton
Giancarlo Stanton-Yankees

Stanton, the towering New York Yankees outfielder, is known for his immense power and the ability to smash the ball out of the park at any given moment. Fortunately, we got a glimpse of it pretty early this season. During live batting practice, Giancarlo Stanton showcased his talent with what can only be described as one of the loudest hits of the day. He hit the Yankees’ newest powerful addition, Carlos Rodon, to the left, which could have earned him a double in a real live game.

For Stanton, hitting a ball that hard is nothing new. He’s been doing it his entire career, from his days with the Miami Marlins to his time with the Yankees. His power is legendary, and he’s hit some of the longest home runs in MLB history. Before Judge, Stanton was the only active player to have hit as many as 59 homers in a single MLB season. Moreover, the DH is an integral part of the Yankees roster. He is the only one who could come close to Aaron Judge in a hitting contest. Hence, as the Yankees prepare for the upcoming season, they know that they can count on Stanton to deliver when it matters most.

Can Stanton Repeat A 2017 Like Season?

Giancarlo Stanton-Aaron Judge
Giancarlo Stanton-Aaron Judge

In 2017, Giancarlo Stanton had a season to remember. He hit 59 home runs and had a batting average of .281, leading the league in both categories and winning the National League MVP award. It was a remarkable season and one that Stanton has yet to replicate since. However, Stanton has shown flashes of his 2017 form in the years since. In 2018, he hit 38 home runs despite playing in only 158 games due to injury.

Hence, the Yankees will hope that Stanton produces such wonders with the Bombers this season. If he can stay healthy, improve his overall performance at the plate, and have a strong team around him, Stanton can give Aaron Judge a run for the money. Only time will tell if he can achieve this feat, but there’s no doubt he has the talent and potential to do so.