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The New York Yankees are not yet done this off-season with regards to bolstering the roster. They began the off-season by trading Juan Soto and was presumed to conclude with Marcus Stroman’s signing. However, that has not been the case. As per multiple reports, the team still remains linked to active free agents.

Marcus Stroman was the last straw in the Yankees’ starting rotation for the impending season. However, the bullpen could still use some upgrades. Amid the raging buzz, the franchise’s senior official, general manager Brian Cashman, dropped hints on the front office’s off-season plans as spring training inches closer.


“I Think Our Team Overall Is Going To Be A Constant Evolution,” Says Brian Cashman!


New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman joined Marcus Stroman in his introductory virtual press meet. He addressed reporters’ questions on the 2024 season roster. Cashman reckoned the team is strong enough to compete for the championship in 2024. He reaffirmed that Bombers underachieved in 2023. Further stressing the pitching depth, the GM added that he deemed the rotation to be good enough. However, that won’t stop the franchise from seeking more reinforcements in the free-agent market. “We have a very strong team, in my opinion, but we always look to improve,” said Cashman. While the GM’s intentions are right, will the market dynamics allow him to work on it?

Currently, the only top-tier relief pitchers available on the market are Josh Hader, Robert Stephenson, Hector Neris, and ex-Yankee Wandy Peralta. It goes without saying that the Yankees have remained linked to each one of the available options. However, the pursuit is easier said than done. As it stands, the team’s payroll is soaring above the staggering $300 million figure. If it stays the same, Hal Steinbrenner will bear the brunt in the form of heavy tax penalties under luxury tax regulation. Moreover, the free agency market is highly inflated right now. There are simply not too many options right now for Yanks to consider. Thus, it’s highly likely that the franchise will settle with the current roster as spring training is scheduled in three weeks. Any upgrades before the mid-season deadline seem implausible momentarily. 

Yankees Struggling Pitchers Report A Month Early For Spring Training!

Credit: Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

While spring training won’t commence until Valentine’s Day, Yankees pitchers Carlos Rodon and Nestor Cortes have already flown to Tampa. General manager Brian Cashman confirmed the same. He says Rodon and Cortes voluntarily reported to Tampa early. Moreover, the feedback Cashman received on Rodon’s growth is satisfactory. “Very optimistic Rodon can return to form,” reckoned Brian Cashman.

Carlos Rodon remains under intense pressure to live up to his whopping $162 million salary. He pitched a mere 14 starts in 2023 and posted an abysmal ERA over 6. Moreover, he got on the wrong foot with pitching coach Matt Blake toward the final half of the season. Thus, Carlos Rodon is on a mission of damage control ahead of the 2024 season. He needs to pitch 33 starts whilst creating a meaningful impact on the mound.

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