Carlos Rodon
Credit: Dustin Satloff/Getty Images. Pictured: Yankees starting pitcher Carlos Rodon.

Bolstering pitching depth has always been the New York Yankees’ game plan of the off-season for the past many years. Last season, the team acquired left-hander Carlos Rodon after the latter opted out of his two-year deal with the San Francisco Giants. In a lucrative deal, the team handed Rodon a hefty $162 million contract for a span of six years.

The contract seemed worth the last off-season, given that Carlos Rodon was coming off an All-Star and a 2.88 ERA season with the Giants. However, tables turned in the Bronx. In 2023, Rodon proved to be nothing but an absolute bust as he struggled with health and overall rhythm. However, despite the setback, Yankees pitching coach Matt Blake has set high hopes for the impending season.


Matt Blake Says Expectations For 2024 Season Communicated With Carlos Rodon!

Carlos Rodón turned his back on pitching coach Matt Blake during a mound visit on Friday night.AP

Carlos Rodon, who joined the Yankees with high expectations, faced adversity during his initial year with the team. Inconsistent performances and health adversities led to questions about his effectiveness in the highly competitive environment of the Bronx. In 2023, he pitched a mere 14 starts, wherein his ERA shot up to 6.85. On top of that, Rodon’s unruly behavior with spectators and pitching coach Matt Blake established him as an absolute villain. However, owing to contract restrictions, the Bronx Bombers have no choice but to continue backing him in the near future. Having said that, with a mere seven weeks to go for spring training, the team’s pitching coach, Matt Blake, is confident of a turnaround.

While speaking to the New York Daily News, Yankees pitching coach Matt Blake said that there is no reason to believe why Carlos Rodon cannot rediscover his dominant self in the 2024 season. He further elaborated, saying that he is much more ahead with respect to winter training this off-season. The team management has had an extensive dialogue with him with respect to expectations. And Rodon is widely aware of his role. “There’s a lot more dialogue and just awareness for where we’re both at as we enter this part of the offseason,” said Blake. Having said that, earlier manager Aaron Boone also shed light on Rodon’s off-season preparation and seemed quite pleased. He thinks the pitcher remains in good shape and has carefully built up a workout regime to avoid injury concerns.

Carlos Rodon Wants To Do Justice To His Yankees Salary!

Carlos Rodon
Carlos Rodon in the Yankees dugout during a game against the Orioles last week. Getty Images

In an earlier interview with NJ Media, which dates back to October this year, New York Yankees pitcher Carlos Rodon laid down his expectations for the impending season. He said that he does not want to promise anything and sugarcoat it to the fans. The Yankee fanbase understands baseball more than anyone. But he promised to keep his best foot forward.

Further, during the interview, Carlos Rodon said that he wants to throw 33 starts a season for the New York Yankees as they are paying him $27 million a year to do exactly that. So anything under 30 starts is a failure in his eyes. “I better pitch 200 innings (next year),” said Rodon at the end of the 2023 regular season.