This MLB season has not been very good for the New York Yankees. And it was clearly evident the last night. The important game against Tempa Bay Rays went from bad to worse in no time. However, the night was especially bad for the Yankees’ player Aaron Hicks as his drop was one of the biggest reasons behind the Yankees’ defeat.

Aaron Hicks’ Dropped Ball Cost Yankees!

Aaron Hicks, who is still having trouble at the plate, described his game against the Rays at Yankee Stadium as embarrassing. When Tampa Bay came to town almost one month later, Hicks was having a similar kind of night. Aaron Hicks, the left fielder, was following a fly ball headed toward the foul line in the fourth inning with two outs and a few runners on base. 

In the fourth inning, Wander Franco hit a fly ball to left field with one out and runners on first and second. Hicks rushed over to find it. However, as he approached the foul line, he dropped the ball and had to stop himself by leaning on the wall. Hicks took a while to pick up the ball, perhaps assuming it was a foul. This allowed Franco to reach the double and the Rays to score for a 3-0 lead.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone prevented him from continuing the game this time. One inning after dropping a fly ball down the left-field line, Hicks failed to catch another line drive that was headed in his path. As Boone handed Laz Diaz, the home plate umpire, the defensive substitution, Estevan Florial sprinted out to take his position.


The consecutive errors occurred in the fourth quarter when New York was already behind 1-0. With runners on first and second, Hicks rushed in response to a Wander Franco shot from the other field. As soon as he entered the foul zone, the ball slipped off his glove and landed on the warning track before rebounding off the wall. Injuries to Andrew Benintendi, the usual left fielder for the Yankees, forced Hicks into action recently. Tuesday, he underwent surgery to fix his damaged hand. When Hicks was having trouble in the middle of August, the Yankees yanked him from his routine at-bats.

After Andrew Benintendi arrived last month, Hicks lost his regular role. But Benintendi and several other Yankees have recently suffered injuries. And that has allowed him to return to the lineup more frequently and on Friday night, as No. 3 hitter, no less. Although earlier this week, Hicks had momentarily won back the supporters’ hearts. He extended a ninth-inning rally on Wednesday and Thursday with a three-run double and another double, respectively.

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