\”Yankees Better Than Red Sox,\” Confirmed After Aaron Judge\’s Re-Signing & Xander Bogaerts Departure To Padres

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Aaron Judge\’s free agency has been the talk of the town for the majority of the last month. Meanwhile, the Yankees closed down a massive deal earlier this month. But the discussion about Aaron Judge has not yet finished. Recently, the American broadcaster and sports Michael Kay has given his opinion about the Yankees acquiring Aaron, saying that it was Home Run. 

Michael Kay Say Signing Aaron Judge Was A \”Home Run\”

One of the most significant days in New York Yankees\’ history occurred on December 7, 2022. The team renewed Aaron Judge\’s contract that same day, giving him a whopping $90-million, nine-year deal. When it was announced that one of New York\’s heroes was coming back to the Bronx, the city\’s residents were ecstatic. The bonus for the fan base came next. 

Michael Kay & Aaron Judge

Over the course of 48 hours, the Yankees re-signed their star player while the Boston Red Sox lost one of their key players. Commentator and MLB insider Michael Kay discussed the odd change of events. Referring to the Yankees\’ move of signing Aaron Judge for nine years, Michael Kay termed it as a \”Home Run.\” 

A series of events ignited the free agency market after the Yankees signed Aaron Judge. When the American League MVP for 2022 was no longer available, clubs went on a spending binge. The San Diego Padres, who had been linked to Judge, signed former Red Sox shortstop Xander Bogaerts instead.

The San Diego Padres did not want to miss out on another big name after they had already lost Aaron Judge to the Yankees. As a result, they returned to the market with steel will to hire Xander Bogaerts. Luckily, the budget was not a problem for the Padres. The team hired skilled shortstop Xander Bogaerts with a massive $280 Million deal for a total of eleven years. 

What\’s The Red Sox\’s Backup Plan?

For the Red Sox supporters, Xander Bogaerts\’ departure was a bitter pill to swallow. The World Series champions from the 2013 and 2018 Boston squads included the four-time All-Star. Bogaerts established himself as one of the team\’s most consistent performers and a fan favorite at Fenway Park.


Meanwhile, after losing Bogaerts to the San Diego, the Boston Red Sox\’s future plan seems a bit cloudy at this point. The team needs a backup and a solid plan, which they might have found on Saturday. There were rumors that Boston was interested in signing Justin Turner. And on Saturday, ESPN reported that Red Sox had signed a two years deal with Turner. Signing Turner seems a tactical move that might be half the wound of losing Xander Bogaerts. There is a chance that the club may try to trade Devers instead of him opting out. And the Red Sox can do it now as they have signed Turner. 

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