Yankees Aaron Judge & National\’s Juan Soto Set To Become The Richest MLB Players During The 2022 Free Agency!

Aaron judge

The Major League Basketball is rapidly expanding with each season, providing talented players the opportunity to make some big bucks. Baseball comprises some of the highest-paid athletes in the world, and the record seems to break with each coming season. New York Mets Pitcher Max Scherzer now owns the record that once belonged to the Yankees pitcher Gerrit Cole. Pitchers are considered to be the most valuable assets in baseball, even though they do not play every match consecutively. However, pitching defines a team\’s capability to win multiple games in the World Series. Thus, the MLB franchises are ready to pay whatever it needs to land axes which could get them wins on a regular basis. 

Moreover, there has been a gradual increase in MLB revenues each year since 2021, apart from the pandemic-affect 2020 season. The value of franchises has risen significantly as a result of the new MLB CBA and other sources of revenue, providing teams with ridiculously ample money to spend on talented prospects. The 2022 preseason witnessed the emergence of a number of the highest-paid MLB players. Not just that, the figures are expected to go up during 2023, with some fine performances from star players like Aaron Judge and Juan Soto. So, let\’s take a look at the highest-paid athletes in 2022 and who could replace them next season. 

Max Scherzer

Highest Paid Athletes Of 2022 Season

The highest-paid athlete this season is Max Scherzer, who signed a three-year, $130million deal with the New York Mets. The Mets ace became the first player to average an annual salary of $ 40 million. Moreover, his contract comprises a full no-trade clause along with a player opt-out after the 2023 season. In addition, the three-time Cy Young Award winner would receive a $100,000 bonus every season he makes it to the All-Star Game.

Further, Mike Trout became the highest-paid position player after signing a 12-year, $426.5 million contract with the Los Angeles Angels. The outfielder has not played in the MLB playoffs since 2014. Still, the Angels made him an extravagant offer that will average his annual salary to $37.116 million until 2031. 

Other stars who received the highest paid contracts were Yankees starter Gerrit Cole ($36m), Washington\’s third base Anthony Rendon ($36.571m), and Mets pitcher Jacob deGrom ($36m). So, who could replace the current highest-paid players during the 2023 preseason? 


Players In Contention For Highest-Paid Salaries In 2023

While the teams are currently focused on the season, a number of strong players will be available in free agency this winter. The Yankees slugger Aaron Judge would be the prime prospect franchises would be bidding for this offseason. Judge rejected a $213.5m contract from the Yankees and is set to enter the free agency with the most home runs this season. However, the situation is bound to change when the three-time All-Star received $30+ million offers from other franchises in free agency. Thus, the Bombers will have to consider raising their offer significantly to keep the 2-time Siver Slugger at the Bronx. Given his current form, the 30-year-old could become the highest-paid player in MLB history in free agency.


Meanwhile, Juan Soto is another bright prospect that many franchises are eyeing after he rejected a big 15-year, $440 million contract from the Nationals. Soto wants to become the highest-paid player in the MLB. Thus, he rejected Washington\’s offer in which the proposed annual salary fell short of the mark. Thus, if the nationals do not increase their number, the outfielder will leave the franchise and find a new home.

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