Atletico Madrid Fans Criticize A Possible Ronaldo Transfer, Claiming The Portuguese Represent\’s the Antithesis Of The Club\’s Values!


Cristiano Ronaldo has clearly expressed his desire to leave Manchester United this summer with hopes of playing Champions League next season. The Portuguese national has found it extremely tough to find a club willing to bud for him. Big football clubs like Chelsea, Bayern Munich, and PSG have already ruled themselves out of the race.

In recent times, Ronaldo was linked with his former rivals Atletico Madrid. He spent nine years playing for the city rivals Real Madrid. Thus, Ronaldo has not had the best of relationships in the past with the club or their dedicated fans. The 37-year-old scored a number of crucial goals upsetting Atletico, especially during the Champions League finals in 2014. Thus, the Atletico Madrid fans groups have criticized a possible Ronaldo transfer and requested the club to stop their pursuit of the five-time Ballon d\’Or winner.

Amid all the drama, Atletico\’s president Enrique Cezero told on Tuesday that Ronaldo\’s move to the club was practically impossible. The club\’s finances and LaLiga\’s spending limits have made the deal quite complicated. Moreover, Ronaldo recently discussed his transfer prospect with Manchester United after missing out on the preseason in Thailand and Australia due to personal reasons.


Fans Reject Cristiano Ronaldo\’s Signing Prospect

Recently, Atletico\’s International Union of Fan Clubs expressed their absolute rejection of Ronaldo\’s hypothetical joining of the club. The statement suggested that Cristiano represented the antithesis of the values that is the hallmark of Atleti, like the efforts, generosity, modesty, and humility of those who want to defend the club\’s values.

The fan club fur ther mentioned that even if Ronaldo\’s addition guaranteed a trophy amid his steep decline, they would still not accept his signing. They requested Atletico Madrid reject Ronaldo\’s possible signing if he was being considered for a transfer. The statement concluded, \”The sense of being a part of our Atletico feeling isn\’t within his reach. Unfortunately for him, and as such he could never receive our affection or recognition.\”


This was not it, as fans showed up with opposing banners about Ronaldo\’s signing. One of the banners read \”CR7 Not Welcome\” during the preseason game against Numancia in Burge de Osma on Wednesday. Thus, it seems a move to Atletico is becoming even more tougher for Ronaldo. Unfortunately, Ronaldo might be forced to continue next season with the Red Devils, with the trade deadline approaching on August 2.

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