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“Winning Is The Biggest Motivation” Draymond Green Feels JaMychal’s Provocation Was Not The Reason For LeBron James’ Dominance

Draymond Green was pretty sad to see his team lose to the Lakers in the conference semi-finals. The Warriors’ dynasty never had a playoff disaster before they reached the finals, especially under the coaching of Steve Kerr, until this season. No team could’ve stopped the Golden State playoffs from making the finals until Los Angeles Lakers did. Hence, it must be a devastating feeling not to make the conference finals. Draymond Green had a tough series against the Lakers anyway.

However, the Warriors almost turned the series around after the Game 5 victory. But the Lakers demolished the defending champions at home. LeBron James led his team to win against the Warriors in Game 6 by scoring 30 points, nine rebounds, and nine assists. As a result, Draymond Green feels that if James keeps this performance level up against the Nuggets, then there is only one winner in the Western Conference finals. However, a lot of people criticized JaMychal Green for poking the bear.


Draymond Green Feels JaMychal’s Post Did Not Inspire James’ Performance In Game 6

Draymond Green JaMychal Green Warriors
Draymond Green JaMychal Green Warriors Source: San Francisco Chronicle

During the playoff series, Steve Kerr, head coach of the Warriors, mentioned that the Lakers use the method of Flopping frequently. To that, the four-time MVP replied that they don’t rely on methods like Flopping. However, Warriors’ JaMychal Green again teased James by posting a blue cap on Instagram that implied that James was lying. Many fans believe that the Instagram post triggered James’ explosive performance in Game 6. However, Draymond Green, on his podcast, dismissed that idea. Dray feels that LeBron James played like that because it was a critical game for them at home. Furthermore, being a long-time friend of King James, Dray knows what drives him the most. He said, “Winning is the biggest motivation of LeBron James.”

According to Draymond, James knew that the seventh game would be at Chase Center, and it won’t be easy for the Lakers. Hence, James tried his best to help his team seal the series at the Crypto.com arena. Draymond Green does not think JaMychal Green’s post had anything to do with LeBron’s performance in Game 6. However, LeBron James, after wrapping the series, shared a cryptic post again, perhaps addressing to JaMychal. He posted pictures from the series and used Drake’s song “Tuscan Leather” as background, specifically with the lines, “Bench Players talkin’ like starters, I hate it.” LeBron James has gotten into this habit of replying to insults after wrapping the particular series in this playoffs. At first, it was Dillon Brooks who called him old. Now it is JaMychal Green.

Dray Suggests Lakers Will Beat Nuggets If They Can Stop The Joker

Nikola Jokic Nuggets Draymond Green Warriors
Nikola Jokic Nuggets Draymond Green Warriors Source: San Francisco Chronicle

Draymond Green also shared his thoughts on the upcoming results of the western conference final between the Nuggets and the Lakers. He feels that it is going to be a battle between Anthony Davis and Nikola Jokic. The Lakers need to stop the Joker either from scoring or from assisting. But Green is happy for his long-time friend cum rival, LeBron James.

The Warriors’ star is content with the fact that James made the conference finals after three years. If the Lakers are able to do that, they will seal the series by Game 6. Draymond Green feels the Lakers will win the conference finals in a pretty similar fashion they won in Rounds 1 & 2. The Lakers won the last two series 4-2 with Game 6 at home.