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Anthony Davis Is Proud Of Austin Reaves’ Halftime Buzzer Against Warriors!

Anthony Davis has been well supported by Austin Reaves and the rest of the Los Angeles Lakers squad to reach the conference finals. Davis has seen AR grow very closely since the latter joined the Lakers in 2021. Apparently, Davis took charge of the team when LeBron James got injured back in late February. And he has done exceedingly well. But the Brow could not have done anything without the young guns of the team like Austin Reaves.

The Oklahoma Sooners man has really blossomed to become a very mature player coming to his second season in NBA. Austin Reaves has played an instrumental role in helping the Lakers make the postseason. Furthermore, he has been doing really well in his first-ever NBA playoffs. Most importantly, Reaves helped the Lakers beat the defending champions to reach the conference finals. And looks like Anthony Davis is more than proud of AR for his amazing half-time buzzer-beater last night.


Anthony Davis Credits Austin Reaves For Playing Well Regularly

Anthony Davis Austin Reaves
Anthony Davis Austin Reaves Lakers Source: SBNation

In Game 6, Austin Reaves caught the people’s attention as he did a Steph Curry. The Warrior’s star is famous for shooting three-pointers from even a long distance at crucial stages of the game. Austin Reaves did something just like that in Game 6, where the Lakers blew the reigning champions away. Austin Reaves scored a three-pointer right before the halftime buzzer to gain a seven-point lead for his team. The Warriors did not get much chance to enjoy a lead in the game last night. For most of the game, the Lakers enjoyed a lead of as much as of 17 points. A lot of celebrities came to watch the exciting match between the LA side and the Golden State at the arena. The home did not disappoint the crowd.

It was an excellent chance for the Lakers to seal the series, and they took it. Now the Purple and Gold Army march to Denver for the conference finals. In the post-game interview, Anthony Davis credited Austin Reaves for playing so confidently throughout the season and helping the team progress. AD mentioned, “Austin has been scoring pretty well for us throughout the season. We will definitely need him in the next series to be at his best as well.” AR has really attracted a lot of attention to himself because of the way he has played throughout the season. But AR really brought everybody on their feet when he got the basket from 54 feet away. He helped the team gain a healthy lead over the mighty Warriors.

The Lakers Are Unstoppable

LeBron James Austin Reaves Lakers
LeBron James Austin Reaves Lakers Source: Los Angeles Times

Austin Reaves scored 23 points in total last night. LeBron James did much damage by scoring 30 points. Anthony Davis was tremendous, grabbing 20 rebounds and scoring 17 points, and getting two blocks as well. The LA side was relentless. The Warriors had no chance to come back to the game. Furthermore, it was the first loss of Steve Kerr’s Warriors in playoffs.

Nobody could stop the Golden State until the Lakers did last night. The Lakers have won back-to-back playoff series in Round 1 and Round 2 with a 4-2 score. That is how dominating this young and flamboyant Lakers has been. The young guns like Austin Reaves and D’Angelo Russell have really complemented the experienced horses like Anthony Davis and LeBron James well.