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Lewis Hamilton is evidently involved in a tense battle against the FIA over the jewelry issue. F1\’s safety rule prohibits drivers from wearing jewelry in the cock pit while racing. The rule has been a part of motorsport for a long time. However, with the change of reigns in F1\’s governing body, the rule has been implemented very strictly during the 2022 championship. On the other hand, Lewis Hamilton has donned jewelry every time he has been in a cockpit over his F1 career.

During the Miami GP pre-race conference, Hamilton threatened the FIA that he would be willing to miss out on a race if the racing body continued to pressure him. However, the seven-time world champ agreed to remove his earrings and chains. Moreover, the Briton was provided a two-race exemption to get his nose piercing removed surgically. While Hamilton kept quiet during the event, he revealed that he was unwilling to get rid of his nose ring until the end of the season. The Mercedes driver claimed that the FIA needed to focus on bigger issues and that drivers should have the liberty to do what they feel is right.

Lewis Hamilton

Following Hamilton\’s statement, the FIA president finally broke his silence over the jewelry ban. The FIA has claimed that jewelry could pose a problem to drivers when they suffer from a crash. It also restricts the rescue team from performing their duties in tense situations. The new president Mohammed ben Sulayem revealed that Lewis Hamilton might face some serious consequences if he fails to comply with the FIA\’s jewelry rule. Rumors also suggest that the Briton might have to face a ran ban during the Monaco GP if he does not get rid of his nose ring.

FIA President Opens About About The Consequences Hamilton Might Face

Hamilton was given a two-race exemption, including the GPs in Miami and Spain. However, Lewis questioned why the FIA was implementing the rule now when it had been in the rule book for a long time. The 37-year-old also discussed the jewelry issue with FIA\’s doctor Sean Patherbridge before the practice sessions in Miami. His two-race exemption will end in Barcelona. And failing to concur with FIA\’s orders might threaten his chances of competing in the Monaco Grand Prix. 

Recently, Ben Sulayem gave out a public statement for the first time on the jewelry ban and the FIA\’s strict enforcement of the rule. When asked about the consequences Lewis Hamilton might face, the FIA president told that complying with the orders is up to the Briton. However, if he refuses to agree, the former world champ will face some fines. Further, Sulayem said it would be like when someone speeds on the roads. He added, \”You can\’t stop them doing it but they get fined, even if it was accidental.\”

Mohammed Ben Sulayem

He further revealed that there has to be one rule for all. And you cannot let people off just because they are your friends. Mohammed claimed to absolutely love jewelry. But he cleared that there can be no choice when the driver is inside the cockpit.

Talking about why the rule is being implemented so strictly in 2022, the FIA president suggested that people should ask the old regime why it was the case and not him. F1 is moving to Europe this weekend for the Spanish Grand Prix. And all the attention would be on the Briton. It will be thrilling to see if Lewis Hamilton gets rid of his nose piercing or take the risk of missing the race over a petty issue.

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