Aaron Judge

When Aaron Judge was a free agent a month ago, the MLB baseball world was shaken. The team saw an opportunity to get the MVP-winning all-star. The Yankees offered him 213.6 million dollars, which was refused as expected, then the Giants came in to offer a $250 million deal, which was refused again. After the constant refusals, the team knew that Aaron wanted something else, something bigger. He probably wants to become the highest-paid baseball player.

The deals got extensions, the Yankees added years, the Giants added dollars+years, and everything suggested that Aaron Judge is inclined towards San Fransisco. In the end, they stuck with a $360 million 9 years deal which was the demand of the Judge. But then, there came the Sand Diego Padres, with the most expensive deal ever.


The Padres offered Judge a $400 million 10 years deal. Now, it was on Aaron Judge to choose with whom he wanted to spend the upcoming NINE YEARS! These nine years will end his career in baseball. He had the opportunity to increase the amount in the Giant’s offer or become the most expensive player by accepting the Padres deal. But Aaron Judge decided to choose his legacy over dollars. He chose the Bronx Bombers, Yankees!

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge Time’s Athlete Of The Year

Now, the question is, Was it a good decision for Aaron Judge? Spending nine years with the Yankees will do good to him or destroy him? This season Aaron broke the previous record of 59 home runs and held another record for most homers in a season by scoring 62 runs. He became the sixth player to enter the 60-homers world. Not only this, but with his incredible performance, Judge became the male athlete of the year by TIME. recently also, AP [Association Press] selected Aaron Judge as the athlete of the year. He is now a member of the club, which has legends like Muhammad Ali.

The Batting Average of Aaron Judge Will Fall In the Future?

However, in a publication, Forbes has projected what the upcoming nine years of Judge will look like in the Yankees. All the career games played by Judge give a 77.2% on pace for 353 more runs. As a result, he would be ending his career with 573 home runs. Now, these predictions suggest that his batting average will fall down by .250 for the next nine years.

Will Aaron Judge be the same consistent in the upcoming years? According to Forbes, his contact tool seems to be a little consistent, as this year, he succeeded in making 24 points more than the previous records. Overall, Judge will manage to have a good career end with the Yankees.

Aaron Judge

However, everyone knows that these speculations are just predictions. What Aaron Judge will do tomorrow is unknown to all. He has been the best player this season, and he definitely has the capability to be the best forever. May the Judge becomes his own record-breaker! Who Knows Judge gets more home runs next season? The nine years deal with the Yankees has been accepted by Judge after a long thought. So looks like he will definitely utilize it till the end.

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