Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge, The Best!

Once again, the slugger has to make space on the rack of awards in his room. First by the TIME, second, and now by the Associated Press, Aaron Judge has been considered the top male athlete of the year. What made him so much popular? It is not even a question any more after what he did in the 2022 MLB series. The year 2022 has gone, and I don’t know about me and you, but Judge must have had the year as the best in his career. Whatever he achieved in New York in the 2022 season is more than he ever has achieved previously.


Aaron Judge Joins The List Of The Legends!

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The 6’7 slugger broke the record for most wins in a season this year. He scored 62 home runs, the most that one has ever made in the Yankees and also in the sport. The previous record for most home runs was 61, set by Roger Maris, which stayed for six decades. So if one says by breaking the record, Aaron Judge has become the best baseball player at present, it arises counterparts.

This spectacular performance of Aaron Judge intended the AP to vote for him in teh contest for the Male Athlete Of The Year. Now one may ask, what is the big deal in winning AP’s vote? Know that the contest includes a panel of 40 sports writers and editors throughout the country, and they chose none other than JUDGE.

Last year the winner of the above was Los Angeles, Shohei Ohtani. After spending the incredible 2022 season, Aaron Judge made his name in one of the most honorary lists, which includes legends like Muhammad Ali, Wayne Gretzky, Jesse Owens, and Michael Jordan. The only former Yankees who had been the winner were Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, and Roger Maris.

“It Has Been Incredible To Get The Honor,” Says Judge.

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge

It is interesting to know what Aaron Judge himself says after getting those honors. When the AP selected him for the top male athlete, Judge exclaimed, “Wow! That is incredible.” Knowing that he has joined the list of the players, including those legends, Judge added, “Those were the great athletes who not only had an impact on the sport but also in their communities and the cultures in the sports world as well as the outside world. Now getting a chance to be on the list is an incredible honor.”

When Aaron Judge was a free agent, the Yankees, the Giants, and the Padres went insane in making contracts. The first $213.6 million deal rejection by the Yankees gave an idea to the others that Aaron Judge was not going to settle with these; he wanted to become the highest-paid player. The Giants left nothing by their side, and San Deigo just offered the most expensive deal, including $400 million for 10 years. However, Aaron Judge eventually realized that the Yankees has his legacy and he needed to return back. Otherwise, most probably, the real battle would have gone beyond $400 million.

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