Aaron Judge Seen Flaunting His ROLEX Watch At His $360 Million Yankees\’ Signing, Fans & Media Blown

Aaron Judge Wearing Rolex Watch

Aaron Judge! This name has appeared on every MLB viewer\’s mind this year, one way or the other. Firstly, the slugger achieved Roger Maris\’ 61 homerun record to lead his team, the New York Yankees, to the ALCS. As a result, Judge earned the monumental awards of the 2022 season like the Silver Slugger, the Athlete of the year & also the AL MVP of the year. After that, his free agency saga arouse and took the world by storm. But after all the hustle and the Arson Judge drama, he became a \’Yankee For Life.\’

Things did not end here, as Judge\’s official announcement day had a stack of surprises altogether. And so was his golden shining Rolex. But why are the media & fans going crazy over Aaron Judge\’s accessory? Keep reading to find out.

Aaron Judge Came For The Official Signing With The \”Eye Of The Tiger\”


After all the chase and hunt, the AL MVP of the year, Aaron Judge, chose to ditch the Giants\’ & Dodgers\’ offers and go with the home, the New York Yankees. He accepted the nine-year $360 Million contract to re-sign with the Bronx Bombers and stay in New York to work and achieve the World Title in the following years. And ultimately, when Captain Judge came in to officially sign with the Pinstripe Blues, the media\’s focus came to his bright big golden watch.

Apparently, the slugger\’s first appearance as a captain was bound to feature a costly Rolex that is priced at more than $200,000. Looks like Aaron Judge has made his first purchase with his yearly $40 million salary. The watch even got GQ Sports\’ eye as well.

The new Yankees captain has the eye of the tiger https://t.co/0gf9bwwvkX

— GQ Magazine (@GQMagazine) December 26, 2022

The \”Eye Of The Tiger\” Rolex Daytona watch was introduced in 2019. It features a bezel set with 36 diamonds and a dial set with 243 or more diamonds in a tiger-stripe pattern. Rolex still went ahead and put the watch on its rubber Oysterflex bracelet. Seemingly, it was a reminder that it was still a sports watch, just a little dressed up. Assumingly, Judge knew that while signing, the media\’s ultimate focus would be his hand, securing the deal of the era with the Yankees.

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