The Los Angeles Lakers have entered the most critical part of the season with two consecutive wins. And looking at the condition LA is in, they are in dire need of consecutive winning streaks. In the last 23 games lies a chance for the Purple and Gold to find salvation and reach for the playoff spot. Everyone on the team is set to combine their efforts in one particular direction called the playoffs. And sometimes, the ambitious goals could lead to some aggression leaking on the court in the form of collision with other players.

The Lakers have to walk a tough path in the next five days as they face the teams from their own Conference. And since the Western Conference is so tight, every game becomes crucial for the postseason chance. In the meantime, LA has started seeing some injuries to the main players of the team. D’Angelo Russell injured his ankles, and LeBron followed him soon after in the next game. Both players are crucial to the foundation at which the Lakers currently operate. Meanwhile, Austin Reaves had some heated moments in the winning clash against the Dallas Mavericks.

Lakers guard Austin Reaves tries to drive past Magic forward Chuma Okeke during the second half of a game last week.(Kevin Kolczynski / Associated Press)
Lakers guard Austin Reaves tries to drive past Magic forward Chuma Okeke during the second half of a game last week. (Kevin Kolczynski / Associated Press)

Lakers’ Austin Reaves Verbal Confrontation With Dallas

The Lakers entered the game against the Dallas Mavericks with a must-win mentality. It was already made clear from the team’s most prominent players that the last few games are of utmost priority. Even the front office anticipated and made the change because they wanted something out of season. And sometimes, the players tend to get aggressive on the court in the eagerness to win. Therefore, Austin Reaves did not like the way Josh Green said some things which he did not enclose. But it was surprising for fans to see Reaves getting involved in the trash-talking. “It’s a fun part of the game,” said Austin in his postgame interview.

In the postgame interview, Reaves said, “Something was said, and I didn’t really like it” in the locker room. It is natural for the game to take heat where one team covers a huge difference as the game comes to an end. And the Lakers were trailing by 27 points before the first half. But LeBron James and Anthony Davis led LA old style scoring 26 and 30 points, respectively. Apart from getting involved in fights, Austin scored nine points coming off the bench for his team. The victory of 111-108 has put them a 29-32 record in their Conference with only a few games to .500 on the table.

Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

With LeBron James and D’Angelo Russell injured, the Lakers have to be back in action on Tuesday against the Memphis Grizzlies. The game against the Dallas Mavericks was a warning and a benchmark for other teams. No other team in the NBA covered the 27 points gap like the Lakers did last night.