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F1 Putting Drivers’ Lives At Risk With This Incoming Ban! Lewis Hamilton Protesting To Stop The Change

Lewis Hamilton is among the most outspoken F1 drivers there are in modern times. He has always spoken out whenever there is a concern about racism inside or outside the F1 track and, most recently, driver’s safety. Apparently, Hamilton is currently looking forward to beating the defending champion. He is desperate to win his eighth driver’s championship. But it’s looking tough with the current double-time champion, Max Verstappen, showing no signs of weakness.

Mercedes had to figure out a lot about their car to fix the problems. After three days of pre-season testing, it looks like the Silver Arrows have solved what their biggest concern was. The bouncing problem due to porpoising issue seems to be gone. Although, another new problem in balancing has emerged. The team is working really hard to figure out this problem.


It’s Again Lewis Hamilton Against The Authorities

In the meantime, Formula One officials have expressed their desire to disallow tyre blankets. They think it would increase sustainability and help in cost reduction. The F1 teams tend to use a lot of energy to heat the tyres of a car to get the grip right. They do it before the cars leave the pit ahead of every race. Albeit, this wish to ban tyre blankets is not sitting well with the seven-time champion, Lewis Hamilton. The British driver has commented on this issue, saying that this ban can harm and increase the drivers’ risk factors. However, Hamilton was part of the testing with no blanket tyres.

The Mercedes ace clearly spoke to the reporters claiming that he has driven the car with no blanket tyres, but he doesn’t recommend it. Lewis Hamilton added, “I don’t agree that outlawing the blanket tyres would increase sustainability. Instead, it will increase the chances of accidents.” He further explained that looking at the driver’s safety would be a wrong decision. Lewis Hamilton added more information to the matter, saying that for the tyres to be working, the drivers need to run their cars for many laps.

Ferrari Driver Carlos Sainz Showed Support To Hamilton

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Mercedes Driver Lewis Hamilton’s F1 Car With Tyre Blankets

The Mercedes star says that it won’t matter if the blankets are taken away to increase sustainability and greenery because the teams use a lot of fuel to warm up the tyres. Apparently, it won’t help anybody as the cars always skate around, as it can be very “twitchy.” Hamilton also argued on the fact that removing the blankets is nothing but pointless. For instance, if someone else has good and working tyres, anybody can clash with them.

Lewis Hamilton is not the only one who has a problem with this plan of the F1 officials to outlaw the tyre blankets. Charles Leclerc’s partner from the Ferrari team, Carlos Sainz, agrees with what the seven-time champion said. Sainz expressed his feeling as he said, “it is making no sense to me.” Mario Isola, the director of Pirelli’s Motorsport, also commented on what Lewis Hamilton had said. Isola mentioned, “We are having talks with FIA and F1. After Silverstone, we will discuss this with all the parties that are involved. It is still too early to come to any conclusion.”