Max Verstappen

The fact that Max Verstappen became a two-time world champion in a row. Plus, he broke Michael Schumacher’s record of winning most races in. a season last year with his spectacular 15 wins has made fans claim that he is the GOAT driver. But is it really appropriate to give the greatest of all-time status to the Red Bull star, which is just 25? Last year, indeed, Max did what only the GOATS can do; like legends, he had his command the entire season, and he dominated on the grid after a few initial races. In almost all the debates taking place on social media, you can see not less than half of the participants speaking in favor of the Dutch for being the best driver.

However, Formula One technical chief officer Pat Symonds believes this is too early to claim anything like that. Despite the record-breaking season of Max Verstappen winning the second championship last year, Symonds thinks the Red Bull star needs to be consistent with slower cars. In 2022 it was too easy for him, but he needs to develop consistency before being called the GOAT.

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In an interview with Sky Sports, Pat claims that Max Verstappen is driving “absolutely superb.” But how can you forget about Ferrari, which often faces mechanical issues and falls down from reaching on top? To claim that they are the best, one will have to have a challenging field, and then one can get proof for the same.

Max Verstappen Needs To Take Out The Scuff In The Weaker Cars To Become GOAT.

Symonds further said, “I think it is early to say that. Last year Max drove absolutely superbly, but the challenge [that was brought by Ferrari] fell away, did it not? Scuderia team was there at the beginning of the year, but by the end of the year, it was not there.” According to the F1 chief technical officer, last year, there was not so much falling away because, actually, the intensity of the battle in the last few races of 2022 was very good. But along the way, there were mistakes, the tactical calls, that left Max to stand in a great position.

Max Verstappen

Meanwhile, pat made one thing very clear. He asked the reporter not to get him wrong as he was not detracting anything from Max Verstappen’s driving, skill, and age, which was absolutely amazing. “But I think we need a few more years and see Verstappen in a car that is not quite so good.”

According to Pat Symonds, being the GOAT driver is not about winning in a great car or driving a car that you might describe in terms you should not use on air. To become the GOAT driver, you have to take something by the “scuff of the neck” and then give a bang on the track that no one ever expects from the car. So far, in the history of Formula One, Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher, and Alonso Fernando have been the heroes for Pat Symonds.