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Red Bull, the team which got both 2022 championship trophies, with 17 spectacular wins, was one of the teams which remained out of the porpoising effect. RB18 was the strongest car on the grid with no bouncing issues like Mercedes. The aerodynamics phenomenon was one of the main issues in 2022 that once risked Lewis Hamilton\’s life. Mercedes W13 was filled with porpoising issues. As a result, FIA changed the regulations asking to make higher rides from 2023.

However, speaking of Red Bull, the team never had structural issues in the pre-testing. That is when they got the time to tackle the only remaining problem, which was nothing but the \”porpoising\” issues. This is something that makes the car\’s performance better or worse. The chief technical officer of Formula One, Pat Symonds, believes that the aerodynamics department of a car is responsible for the team\’s overall performance. In an interview with Autosport International Show, Pat agreed to what Willem Toet, Alfa Romeo\’s aerodynamics consultant, said about the porpoising thing.


Symonds finds it interesting that Willem describes the porpoising issue as an aerodynamics phenomenon. However, this includes coupling as the other things are coupled into the car and into the suspension. It is not only the structural but also the suspension and aerodynamic effects of the car.

Looking at Red Bull\’s ground floor, which gave no bouncing issues in the Barcelona pre-testing, he realized that the team had overcome the issues. Symonds said, \”I looked at Formula One car visiting the garages. I had the advantage that all the other technical directors had worked with me in the pit lane. However, going to the Red Bull floor, I found it on a structural level.\”

Red Bull Was Full And Final To Win Even Before The 2022 Season Began

Given this, one can suggest that the reigning champion team was on top even before the season began. And one of the main reasons how Red Bull paved the way for the grand WIN includes tackling the porpoising issues. When Mercedes and the rest of the teams failed to ever envision any such issue, Red Bull was over it.

Ferrari was also one of the teams which failed to suspect the problem even before the season began, just like Red Bull. But they were able to be the fastest car on the grid four times. However, just when the team brought upgrades, the Milano-based team got defeated badly till the last race of the season.


Meanwhile, for the 2023 championship, the team is all set once again to win. Even if Ferrari and Mercedes bring a strong comeback, they will have a gap of 16 and 13 wins, respectively. When Ferrari and Mercedes adjust themselves to the new rules, then Red Bull will do new experiments that, once again, may lead them to dominate on the grid just like they did last year.

Looking at Pat Symonds\’s statements, one thing is very much clear, Red Bull is the master of envisioning the problems that may arrive during the season, and so they solve them before. So, again, let\’s hope for a winning season for team Red Bull.

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