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Malik Beasley High On Confidence After Win Against Warriors, Says “The Lakers Are Aiming For Championship, Not Just The Playoffs”

Los Angeles Lakers have struggled to climb up for easier access to the playoffs throughout the tournament. The Lakers are still at 13th seed in the Western Conference. The team has made a lot of vital changes to the roster to make things right. Rob Pelinka and the front office were finding the right balance in the roster. Previously they were looking for the big trio – LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook to deliver. However, Westbrook’s inclusion was not proving helpful. Hence, they had to get rid of him. After a lot of close calls, they managed to trade him and, in return, got some promising new entries.

After the trade deadline, the Lakers look good in terms of balance. So the team is looking for a big turnaround on the table. They had 23 games left before the All-Star break. Now they have 22 more games left. But after the short break, it was essential to start with a victory. The game against the Warriors was crucial, but they got the much-needed win.

Lakers LeBron James
Lakers LeBron James

This victory against the defending champions will boost the morale in the camp for sure. The Lakers won 124-111 against the Warriors in a dominating style. The new shooting guard in the Lakers, Malik Beasley, believes the franchise can win the championship from this situation. The 26-year-old shooting guard made a statement after the game against the Warriors.

Malik Beasley Says Lakers Are Looking Forward To Winning The Championship

When asked about how far the team is thinking about going this season with 22 more matches to go, Beasley replied, “Championship.” The Lakers are not thinking about anything less. According to him, the championship is the target. But looking at the present scenario, the target will be to reach the play-in tournament. Anything better than that will be climbing up to the 6th seed and getting a direct qualification to the playoffs.

Beasley mentioned that it was a statement game against the Golden State Warriors. The way the Lakers played in the last game is exactly how they want to carry themselves forward in the remaining matches of the regular season. LA Lakers are looking for a much-needed streak. At this point, a winning streak will help the team climb up the table in the Western Conference.   

A Look At Beasley’s Current Form     

Malik Beasley is definitely at the peak of his game. Against the visitors, the new shooting guard scored 25 points, and 7 of 11 came from three-pointers. The 26-year-old shooting guard is shooting 44% on an average of 14.8 points from the floor. In the first four games with the Lakers, Beasley is getting 2.5 and 1.8 rebounds and steals, respectively.

Malik Beasley Lakers
Malik Beasley Lakers

With a 6.4 height, Beasley is great at shooting three-pointers. For the Lakers, Beasley is shooting 41.7 of three-pointers every night. In the current season, from the Minnesota Timberwolves to the LA Lakers, Malik Beasley is getting 36.3% three-pointers right. He has made 8.6 attempts to shoot a 3-pointer.