LeBron James Darvin Ham
LeBron James Darvin Ham

LA Lakers senior most player LeBron James, along with head coach Darvin Ham are reportedly planning a team bonding session for the Lakers in a few days.

The Lakers are coming off an impressive win over the Golden State Warriors. They resumed their regular season campaign after the All-Star break. Moreover, the newly constructed starting lineup stepped on the court for only the second time this season. Malik Beasley and Austin Reaves led the scoring list, while Anthony Davis and LeBron James, for a change, played the supporting role.


Meanwhile, the LA Lakers have three back-to-back games in a week’s time, which will require hectic travel. Hence, the front office has decided to plan a road trip. Moreover, the team’s senior player and head coach are looking to plan a special thing for the Lakers team during the road trip so that the new guys can settle in and bond with the rest of the roster.

LeBron James And Darvin Ham To Conduct A Team Bonding Session

Lakers title
Lakers title

The Lakers are a team with high expectations and a lot of pressure to perform. Further, despite having a roster full of talented players, including the leading point scorer in the NBA, LeBron James, the team has struggled to find consistency this season. They sit at the 13th spot on the West table with 28-32. Further, with the season entering the final stretch, the Lakers look to make one final playoff push with 22 games in hand and a bunch of new faces.

LeBron James is using his leadership skills to plan a special event with head coach Darvin Ham to help the team bond and come together. According to Chris Haynes of Bleacher Report, the James-Ham duo will plan a special team bonding session for the new Lakers team during their upcoming three days road trip. While the details are yet to be known, the expected date is Monday, and the event will take place in Memphis. Whatever the event may be, James and Ham hope it will help the Lakers find a sense of unity and purpose on the court.

Darvin Ham Won’t Let LeBron or Davis Sit Out Unnecessarily

Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis & LeBron James

Meanwhile, as the Lakers look to make one final push for the playoff stage, head coach Darvin Ham issues a stern warning to the leading duo of the team. Ham said LeBron James and Anthony Davis won’t sit out of the lineup until and unless injury issues creep in. James and Davis dealt with consistent injuries throughout the season and missed a significant amount of time off the court. Their absences were felt as the Lakers struggled to close the games.

Now, with just a handful number of games in the bucket, the Lakers will have to make the most of it. They need to tackle every single game as a knockout matchup and bring their A-game to the table. While the previous game has set the stage right, the onus is on the starting lineup to carry on the winning momentum and book that spot in the playoffs.