Kyrie Irving-Anthony Davis

Priyanshu Raidas


Lakers In Talks With Mavericks For A Potential Trade! Will Trading Anthony Davis For Kyrie Irving Help The Squad?

The Los Angeles Lakers made an advancement in the league when they settled another win over the Golden State Warriors. The Lakers, with their new youth and vigor, won the game with 124-111 points last night. Although it was a quiet performance from the All-star players, it was an awful lot of noise from rotation players. Malik Beasley, who is a new addition to the team, came before the trade deadline and feels right at home. He put up a massive 25 points with seven three-pointers, making him a valuable player for the team.

The Lakers have had an awful season considering their hyped-up star player team. The plan to play three superstars came down a wrecking ball as Russell Westbrook could not settle into the team. Even after seeing the results last year, Rob Pelinka waited until they ruined the current season. And considering their loose season, it is very lucky for the Lakers to have a little chance of qualifying for the playoffs. However, it is a winning-all-games mentality, or the team could lose even that chance in the upcoming weeks. Meanwhile, Anthony Davis is on the verge of making history in the next game.


Anthony Davis Is Close To Making Record But Nowhere Close To His Potential

The 29-year-old was on a roll before he injured his foot in a stress injury which threw him out of the action for a month. This time off the court made him a bit rusty, which made him slow and sluggish on the court. However, his 12-point performance has brought him close to the 140th spot in the all-time scoring list. As of now, Davis is 13 points behind Sam Perkins to make another record this year. But another player is following him just three points behind him.

Kyrie Irving and Anthony Davis are very often used names in the same sentence after the trade deadline. And since LeBron James has expressed interest in playing with Kyrie, rumors about their reunion are trending. The Lakers tried to bring him to LA in the trade market, but Dallas Mavericks won the race. But Davis’ lack of ability to put up monstrous performance could lead to him moving to the Mavericks. And he could make space for the ex-Cavalier man Kyrie in Purple and Gold. Irving’s relationship with James could also act as a motivator to make a move as soon as possible.


Nobody doubts Anthony’s ability when he is healthy, but he has missed 24 of 59 games until now. It ultimately translates that the injury-prone monster will only be available for half of the season. And recovering most of the time while his team desperately needs his support. Even reports suggest that Mavericks would happily welcome Anthony in exchange for the Brooklyn Nets point guard.