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Kyrie Irving Likely To Replace Anthony Davis In The Lakers Lineup On LeBron James’ Interference?

The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the teams which attract the most attention in the market because of their fame. And since LeBron James is also on the team, it gets more eyeballs toward them. And in the years of his remarkable career, he is seen influencing players with whom he would like to play. However, tempering has a severe penalty in the NBA, but it does not stop James from using the loopholes in the system. In recent times there are many teams who were seen getting a penalty because of their tampering. And Teams like the Philadelphia 76ers and New York Nicks had to give up on their draft picks because of their bold actions.

Meanwhile, LeBron James is famous for tampering without leaving any proof behind. However, his subtle ability to influence and flatter the players has come into the eyes of some analysts responsible for fair play. And he has been talking a lot about Irving and commenting on his games lately. And this seems a bit fishy, and the media is scrutinizing LeBron’s actions. However, ever since Irving and James parted ways, Cavs have not been the best of friends. So what happens ahead is still a mystery. Meanwhile, keep reading to know more about the topic.

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LeBron James Wants Kyrie By His Side

The Los Angeles Lakers wanted to bring the most skillful ball handler Kyrie Irving to their this trade deadline. However, the point guard ended up moving to the Dallas Mavericks, disappointing the Lakers and LeBron James. Hollywood is famous for increasing their interest in many star players of the league but doesn’t take action. And something similar happened in the trade market, where they had the opportunity to steal him but did not. Everyone expected that the 2020 champ would sweep him off the market, considering their interest in him.

Kyrie is an ex-teammate of the Lakers superstar LeBron James and they go back to the 2015 championship. The two teamed up to beat Steph Curry‘s Golden State Warriors. But the two soon parted ways as Irving needed space from LeBron and wanted to make a name for himself. It could be hard to make a name under such a huge personality LeBron James who always has all the spotlight. And to look for that limelight, he teamed up with another great player Kevin Durant in Brooklyn Nets. And now, after years of winning the title together, the two want to make a successful reunion for the Lakers.

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LeBron James & Kyrie Irving

Although LeBron James has shared the court with Irving in the past, he is a hot property in the market. And they lost the opportunity to grab him because the front office did not want to lose their draft picks. But there are hopes that the Lakers will get another opportunity to seal the deal with him in the offseason.