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Is Steph Curry Out Of The 2022-23 NBA Season? Warrior Indefinitely Out Due To Foot Injury

Steph Curry is an absolute fan favorite in San Francisco and across the NBA Universe. Whenever the favorite son of the Golden State Warriors gets injured or has to miss several games, it is very upsetting for the fans. Although Curry hails from the same place that LeBron James is from, he played throughout his professional career for the San Francisco team in NBA. The 34-year-old superstar has won four championship titles for the Golden State Warriors. The San Francisco-based team is also the current defending champions.

Clearly, the Warriors are not having the best season in terms of expectations, but they are gradually gaining momentum. Currently stuck at the eighth seed in the Western Conference, the squad has a 27-26 win-loss ratio. The goal should be to try to qualify for the playoffs directly after finishing in the top six. But if they get stuck where they are now, they will have to compete in the play-in tournament to further progress. This situation is not very ideal for the status of the current champion. In these circumstances, the Warriors expect the star, Steph Curry fit and be fine. He will need to carry the team on his shoulders to direct playoffs.


What Does The MRI Say About Steph Curry’s Injury?

Steph Curry
Stephen Curry

On Sunday, after the MRI, the team announced that Steph Curry had partially torn ligaments and bruises in his lower left leg muscles. After the five games break, when Curry will return for the first match, he will expect to face the Lakers at the Arena on February 23. During this break, Stephen Curry will go through the process of evaluation and re-evaluation from time to time. The coach of the Warriors sounded hopeful after he had a conversation with Stephen Curry. A few minutes later, the reports of the MRI came.

Steve Kerr, the Warriors coach, mentioned, “Good News is that the season is not over for the champ. The biggest concern for us was that the injury in the last match was a season-ending blow to Curry and the team. But Steph said he would be back.” Any injury centering around Curry feels like “season-ending,” but after MRI, it does not look like that. The coach said Steph Curry is in high spirits and hopes to return as soon as possible. Regarding the Warriors playing without Curry, it is not a new thing for this team this season. When Curry missed 11 matches in a row due to left shoulder subluxation, the Warriors managed to win as many as six games.        

Brief Summary Of The Mavericks-Warriors Match

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry
Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry

The match against the Dallas Mavericks yesterday gave the San Francisco fans mixed feelings. As the team won 119-113, the nine-time All-Star, Steph Curry, left the court in the second quarter with a severe injury. Later after a proper diagnosis of the wound, it came to light that Curry would miss the next five games.

Obviously, the news is not very pleasing for the San Francisco fans but also not for any basketball fan. As Steph Curry has already missed a lot of games this season due to another injury issue. At 34, Stephen Curry is getting more and more injury prone. This is neither good for him nor the Golden State Warriors.

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