Russell Westbrook- Terry Rozier

Unless the trade deadline is over, the Los Angeles Lakers will be encircled by trade rumors. LA has until Feb 9 to make their final addition to the squad for their advancement in the league. And apparently, there are various players that the 2020 champs are enquiring about. After adding Rui Hachimura in exchange for Kendrick Nunn and three second-draft picks, there is more to come from LA. Many fans and experts speculate that the Lakers are not done with the market, only with one change. However, there are only five days left at the time of writing this article.

Rob Pelinka, the Lakers general manager responsible for the roster construction, built the squad in 2021. But the season resulted in total disappointment as they could not even appear in the postseason. And before the 2022 season began, their roster mainly remained the same, leading to the Western Conference\’s bottom.


However, the addition of Rui to the Lakers alongside LeBron James seems to be a promising move. Moreover, there could also be Russell Westbrook trade potential, according to many reports from insiders. Jake Fischer of Yahoo Sports also suggests that Westbrook can also be flipped with Charlotte Hornets guard Terry Rozier.

The Lakers Knock On Every Gate In The Market

Not every season comes with a big title-winning opportunity for every team. Among 30 teams, each plans out their future years and decides the best year according to the availability of players. Similarly, many will look to rebuild this year and come back stronger after improving their structure. And this is how the Lakers could exploit the best players from the teams who will decide to go under reconstruction. One such team is Chicago Bulls, who had a great season last year but could not place their footings this year. DeMar DeRozan and Zach LaVine are the two players who Hollywood prioritize.

However, Purple and Gold have diverse interests from different teams, but there is not enough time. But the interest in Terry Rozier could be explored without Russ packaging Patrick Beverley and Lonnie Walker. Meanwhile, the 34-year-old point guard could come to the conversation if they will get an All-star level player. However, the reserved point guard would bring no value once his contract expires. Whatever the case putting quality players around LeBron James and Anthony Davis is always a good idea for the whole team.


While the whole pond is filled with fish, the Lakers have their eyes set on one particular Bojan Bogdanovic. According to the bleacher reporter Chris, Haynes LA is on the lookout for premium shooters. And Piston\’s Bogdan could be their primary target if Detroit agrees with negotiations. Meanwhile, there is also skepticism about whether the 2020 champs should add another forward or a backcourt addition. However, if they only wish to rectify their shooting, they should stick with their pick Bogdanovic who is hooting 41% from 3-point range.

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