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Everybody knows that Mercedes Boss Toto Wolff and Red Bull Boss Christian Horner don’t agree all the time. Instead, it seldom happens. Most of the time, they give out opposite viewpoints on certain things. Famously about the cost cap issue, the two parties had very different opinions. The first-year cost cap was introduced, and Red Bull faced a tough time to adjust with the procedure.

On the other hand, Toto Wolff mentioned it is a fair deal for every team in the F1 grid to compete on the same budget. Wolff also said that the profit margin would also be more considerable with this new cost cap law. However, Red Bull keeps suffering with the cost cap law as they had to pay a fine for breaching the limitations in 2021. Toto Wolff mentioned that Horner’s team facing these cost cap issues “is just not good for the goodwill of the original product of the conglomerate that is so good.”


Why Toto Wolff And Christian Horner Never Get Along?

Christian Horner Toto Wolff
Christian Horner Toto Wolff

On another occasion, Christian Horner stood firmly against a complaint that Toto Wolff made regarding the porpoising issues. After the incident in Baku last year when Hamilton was getting off the car. He had severe bruises and was in pain. Toto Wolff said the FIA should introduce some law to protect the teams and drivers against porpoising. But his rival Horner said that the problem is with the Mercedes team, and they should solve it themselves.

The whole argument during the Canadian Grand Prix is available to watch in the next season of Netflix’s hit show, Drive to Survive. Recently an improbable episode happened when Horner and Wolff stayed on the same page. To be more precise, according to Sportskeeda, all the bosses of the three big powerhouses of F1 – Red Bull, Mercedes, and Ferrari agreed on the idea of a “clear structure.” The bosses of the powerhouses have a problem with the FIA President’s decision. Mohammed Ben Sulayem recently made a few changes in the structure of the governing body.

The Leading F1 Bosses Are On The Same Page For The First Time

The FIA President declared that he would reduce his regular work slightly. According to that announcement, the President was missing from the FIA Commission meeting. In his place, Nikolas Tombazis took over the chair and will do exactly that with the day-to-day activities. presented reports according to which Mercedes Boss said that everybody had agreed on a “clear structure.” He also admitted that there are a lot of things to do to get the objectives straight. Toto Wolff emphasized that the whole F1 family works together practically. Wolff mentioned that many objectives with the best set of rules and regulations are planned and discussed to present the best show possible.

Christian Horner showed his encouragement to the idea, saying, “For the first time, I totally agree with Toto.” Horner put more emphasis on the 2026 engine partner issue. According to Red Bull Boss, the alignment of the three big things – the product, the engine, and the chassis, is very important. Horner mentions that there is time, but everybody needs to make that a priority for the next few months.

Ferrari boss Frederic Vasseur sounded to be in agreement with the two other fellow bosses. Vasseur mentions that it is essential to get the structure right. It needs to go along well with the finances. Reinforcing the structure is very crucial. The structure of the new age will need to respond to every team’s necessities. Talking to the right people about the issues the teams are facing is vital.