Lewis Hamilton

Netflix Documentary based drama series, ‘Formula 1: Drive to Survive’ Season 5 is out. With the behind-the-scenes glimpses of the 2022 F1 season, millions of worth-discussing matters have emerged. Fans have got many ideas about the future of their favorite team. Speaking of team Mercedes, the very most concerning topic about them comes with the retirement of the seven-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton.

In one of the episodes of the latest DTS season, Red Bull principal, Christian Horner, claimed that Mercedes would have nothing but sh** when Lewis Hamilton will get departed from the team after he retires. No matter what happened in the paddock last year, it doesn’t matter if Hamilton remained a winless driver for the entire season; he is still the gem that Mercedes had and has thus far. With him, the team became 8-time constructor’s champion in a row. No one can imagine Mercedes without Lewis Hamilton now. This is what made Christian Horner say, “if Hamilton retires, Who on earth would Mercedes take?”

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No other driver is a seven-time world champion. Not only seven; no other driver is even more than a two-time world champion in Formula One at present. Hamilton is already 38, and looking at the after-retirement pipeline plans of the Britons, it seems too soon when he will get away from Formula One. But then the empty seat of Mercedes will have to be another deserving replacement.

Lewis Hamilton’s Retirement Leaves Toto Wolff Pretty Exposed, Said Horner in DTS Season 5

Christian Horner said on camera of the Netflix show makers, “That [Hmailton’s retiring from Mercedes] would drop them really in the sh**.” Later the Red Bull boss asked, “What are Toto Wolff’s options if Lewis Hamilton were to retire?” After the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, fans and Hamilton were a little convinced that Formula One had some problem with him. They, in fact, did injustice to the seven-time world champion. The 2021 F1 championship trophy was Hamilton’s. Still, the F1 director Michael Masi made a very unexpected, unfair last-moment decision that changed the plot and allowed Max Verstappen to overtake Hamilton before the final lap at Yas Marina to win his maiden title.


The wrath came out as Hamilton not returning to Formula One as a means of protest to how he prevented from his eighth crown. And that is the time for Mercedes’s reality check. That was when Mercedes realized that there was no one they could have to replace Hamilton. “It leaves him [Toto wolff] pretty exposed,” said Horner.

It was Hamilton’s dream of eight world championships that made him sign another two years contract with Mercedes after 2021. But now the last year of his contract has arrived. By the end of this year, if Hamilton does not sign a new deal with the Silver Arrows, God knows whom Mercedes will have then. By the way, just as Hmailton’s target for breaking Schumacher’s record is not yet achieved, he may sign a new contract with Mercedes.