Max Verstappen
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Max Verstappen, the reigning F1 world champion, just proved the fact that no one can stop him from becoming the third world champion back-to-back. Not least, Mercedes is a challenge. The performance of Red Bull’s RB19 remained the best among all the ten teams’ single-seaters in the Bahrain pre-season testing sessions. The reigning world champion, who is the best driver and third benefit of Red Bull as suggested by F1’s Sky Sports pundit, Ted Kravitz, is highly impressed by the team’s work so far.

Max Verstappen has admitted that he is very much satisfied with the pace of Red Bull’s new creation. His assignment in the pre-season test got over by Friday. And now Sergio Perez is on duty to test the RB19 at the Sakhir International Circuit. Meanwhile, Verstappen, who spent an entire and a half day with the 2023 Red Bull F1 challenger, shared his take and experience with his #1 Red Bull car. As mentioned by RN 365, speaking of the Bahrain pre-season test, Max Assured a positive approach to this third-world title. He said, “The test days were well, especially on Thursday when the RB19 drove 157 laps. We were able to test a lot.”

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“Every Time I Drove The Car, I Felt Comfortable” Max Verstappen Being Positive For The Weekend

Indeed Red Bull utilized the test sessions in the best way. With each lap, the team noted the issues and mended them over the course of the day. A lot of set-up work and changes have been brought to the RB19 after Max Verstappen’s complaint. Despite an unexpected overtake of Zhou Guanyu at the end of the second day by 0.040s, Max Verstappen finds the reasons why Red Bull needs to be positive about the season.

About the Friday test session, Max Verstappen claimed, “Today, Red Bull focused a bit more on the details. And, made major steps.” He admitted that the car responded very well to everything that they changed after the first day’s speculation. Max has assured us that the next weekend’s race will go the best as the team has learned a lot through tests.

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Speaking of the overall experience, Max Verstappen concluded it as “I am very satisfied.” Luckily, every time the Dutchman drove the new car, it got a little more comfortable. The best and essential point, above all, is that the team was able to go for it right away.

For the back-to-back two-time world champion, these have been positive test days. However, “it remains to be seen how fast the RB19 will be in Bahrain at the Grand Prix next weekend. But I am positive.” said Max Verstappen. Now, the Mexican Red Bull driver, Sergio Perez, stays to give the data that might let the new RB19 undergo several changes. Just after Saturday, RB19 will get fully prepared to rock once again on the tracks same as last year.