LeBron James- Kevin Durant

Self-proclaimed NBA analyst, Skip Bayless, made a bold claim while predicting the finals of the ongoing season, and it includes the Lakers.

Los Angeles Lakers are flying high after the recent win against the Golden State Warriors. The team stepped on the court with multiple new faces. After a marathon of trade deals on the deadline day, the Lakers overhauled their entire lineup to help the playoff push cause. However, considering the average age of the newest additions, the fans had too little faith.


Eventually, the purple and gold’s gamble worked, and they went back to the winning ways. The young guys stepped up as LeBron James-Anthony Davis took a back seat. Now, as the final stretch of the season begins, the Lakers have 22 games left, and they have to win as many as possible. A single loss could cause massive damage. Meanwhile, LeBron James’ biggest critic, Skip Bayless, has made bold predictions for the Western Conference finals, which includes the Lakers.

Skip Bayless Predicts Lakers Vs. Suns In The West Coast Finals

Lakers vs Suns

Skip Bayless is a self-proclaimed NBA analyst who has made a career by just bad-mouthing LeBron James. Every day, Skip looks for reasons to disregard and disrespect the 38-year-old veteran. Meanwhile, the Lakers are having a tough season. They lost an ample amount of games at the start of the season, which is hurting the team in the final stretch. At the moment, Hollywood stands in 13th position in the Western Conference points table with 22 games in hand.

Meanwhile, Skip Bayless is back with bold predictions. After the win against the Warriors, Skip uploaded a tweet saying the Lakers look 30% better without point guard Russell Westbrook. Bayless further added that the purple and gold will have a scoreline of 17-6 in the final 23 games and will go on to reach the finals of the Western Conference. Moreover, the analyst feels the Lakers will most likely meet the Pheonix Sun, led by Kevin Durant, in the West finals. While the predictions look unrealistic for the moment as Hollywood is struggling to get to the playoff, let alone the finals. However, one cannot rule out a team like a champion side like the Lakers.

“The Lakers are 30% better without Westbrook,” said Skip Bayless.

Skip Bayless Takes A Dig At LeBron James While Targeting Russell Westbrook

LeBron James- Skip Bayless
LeBron James- Skip Bayless

After parting ways with the Lakers, point guard, Russell Westbrook stayed back in Los Angeles and joined the Clippers. Utah Jazz and Westbrook opted for a buyout, and later, Clippers signed a deal with the point guard. Meanwhile, as the regular season resumed after the All-Star break, the Clippers coach Ty Lue announced that Westbrook would be a starter for the team in his debut game against the Sacramento Kings.

Skip Bayless was quick to reach and slammed the Clippers for favoring Russell Westbrook. He uploaded a Tweet saying he is not at all surprised with the teams’ decision to promote the point guard to the starter role. Skip elaborated, saying the Clippers are making the same mistake as the Lakers by giving Westbrook unwanted importance.