Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving-LeBron James

The Los Angeles Lakers are in the middle of transitioning, but the lack of trade before the deadline is a hurdle. Until now, the Lakers fans and the front office have realized that they can not make it to the playoffs with their current team. But there need to be more changes in the squad to increase their chances of appearing in the playoff. Half of the season is still in the hands of LA to change their fate and rectify all the mistakes made before the season began. Many reports also suggest that there is a conflict between Rob Pelinka and LeBron James because of the previous trade.

Rob Pelinka is the Lakers’ general manager who holds the responsibility for gathering a championship-winning team. However, Hollywood did not make the best of the decision after winning a bi-bubble title in 2020. It seems that LeBron James had a massive influence during the Anthony Davis trade in 2019. And after winning the title with Davis, LeBron also backed Russell Westbrook for him to come to LA. But his flop season brought despair to the franchise and bad terms with the manager Pelinka. And it all connects to the trade that could have strengthened Hollywood for a definite payoff spot in the league.

LeBron James & Rob Pelinka
LeBron James & Rob Pelinka

Kyrie Irving Trade Makes The Headline, LeBron James Apologizes

As the deadline comes closer and closer, the pressure on the front office keeps increasing to make a change. However, the pressure has had a reverse effect, and the administration keeps delaying the process. And it looks like the delay and their reluctance have caused Brooklyn’s star player Kyrie Irving. LA was linked to Kyrie for a long time, but he was swept by Dallas Mavericks today morning. The Mavericks did not only steal the Lakers player but also their playoff chance.

LeBron James and Kyrie Irving have played together for their former franchise Cleveland Cavaliers. The two have also managed to produce the championship title in 2016, defeating Stephen Curry’s Warriors. So when the question about Kyrie popped up, LeBron said he would be a great addition to the team on the court. However, he would be a hilarious joke off the court because of his controversial thoughts. But apart from his views on social media, Kyrie is an outstanding player. And the Lakers have missed another gem in the market.

LeBron James & Kyrie Irving
LeBron James & Kyrie Irving

Meanwhile, LeBron James thought that the Lakers lost the trade because of his mistake and comments after Saturday Night’s game. However, multiple reporters and insiders suggest different stories. The Matt Moore of Action network shared that the Lakers were not willing to share their future draft picks. Whereas the Bleacher reporter Haynes says the Lakers included that despite including the picks, Brooklyn did not go for the trade. It does not matter whose mistake the Lakers will have to look for another player for improvement now.

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