The Los Angeles Lakers looked better than ever in their clash against the Indiana Pacers. LA has been pretty awful when it comes to winning the games in the final moments. However, Hollywood managed to crush the last few minutes with a clutch victory of 111-112. And Anthony Davis became the star of the show with his spectacular end-to-end action on the court. However, the rest of the Lakers squad still looks dependent on LA\’s leading man LeBron James. The Pacers are a good team, but they came to the competition already losing the last ten games.

There is no denying that the Lakers need improvement in their squad in order to make it to the postseason. But the front office\’s delay has been inevitable, and the deadline is around the corner. Although Hollywood\’s 29-year-old beast has returned, the team still needs much more structure to compete in the postseason. Let alone the postseason, the 2020 champ needs a better team even to rank top 10 in the Western Conference. Currently, the Lakers sit in 12th position with a 25-28 record in the league. But stats suggest that LA could still make their mark for the playoffs if they play out the second half of the league right.

Lakers Vs Pacers

Lakers\’ Anthony Davis Says His Wife Is Happy

The 29-year-old center has been the center of the team ever since the Los Angels signed him. But over the year, the eight-time All-star built a knack for injuries in the crucial moments of the season. In the past two seasons, the Brow missed over half of the game and played only 70 games combined in two seasons. The numbers are concerning, but Davis is the future Lakers\’ star who would take over LeBron\’s legacy in the future. However, his likeliness to injure himself and jeopardize the whole season would make the front office ponder.

In the meantime, LA took on the Pacers, where AD returned to show that his beast is yet to be unleashed. He produced 31 points with a remarkable 14 rebounds, which includes the last crucial point and block. In the final moments of the game, Tyrese Haliburton had the opportunity to level the match. However, Anthony Davis came to the defense to heroically stop the shot. Davis played an amazing game and delivered a smooth post-game interview with the reporters.


When the whole Lakers community was worried, there was one person who enjoyed Anthony\’s recovery. A reporter asked about his removal from the All-star list, to which he replied, \”I don\’t know.\” And added that his wife is very happy as the Lakers superstar would get more time to enjoy with the family. Anthony also said that missing five weeks of action is a long time, and it might have affected his chances of a ninth All-star game. All in all, the Brow is chill and is looking forward to helping his team reach the ultimate goal postseason.

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