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On Saturday, the Chicago White Sox accused a New York Yankees player of making a racist comment against one of their players. Reportedly, the Yankees slugger Josh Donaldson remarked Chicago\’s shortstop Tim Anderson as \”Jackie\”, referring to MLB legend Jackie Robinson. Anderson revealed that Donaldson made a Jackie reference early in the innings before the duo tussled again during the third innings. However, things did not end there as catcher Yasmani Gandal also confronted Donalson when he approached the plate.

Robinson was a six-team All-Star who managed to end the MLB\’s color barrier in 1947. He was a part of six World Series. Moreover, the league retires his jersey no. 42 from all teams in his honor, Robinson was also included in the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1962. It was not the first instance when Donaldson, who is white, referred to Anderson as Jackie. In a 2018 Sports Illustrated interview, Anderson told that he felt like modern-day Jackie Robinson. Recently, Donaldson clarified that he was not trying to be racist by calling Anderson Jackie. The Yankees slugger said that Anderson deemed it disrespectful, and he apologized for it. Josh cleared, \”That\’s not what I was trying to do by any manner and that\’s what happened.\” 


Anderson & His Team Open Up About The Incident

After the Yankees won 7-5 in New York, Anderson told the reporters that Donaldson made a disrespectful comment. The Chicago shortstop suggested that Josh was trying to call him Jackie Robinson. Tim stated that he was not going to bother anyone. But Donaldson made the disrespectful comment which he thinks was uncalled for and unnecessary. Moreover, the 28-year-old added, \” Like, What\’s up Jackie? I don\’t play like that. I don\’t really play at all.\”


The White Sox manager Tony La Russa further stated that the comment was racist and was as strong as it gets. Tim\’s teammate Yasmani Grandal also opened up about the whole incident. Grandal refrained from revealing what he said to Donalsdon when he approached the plate. Anderson also took a shot at Donaldson later, and his team had to step in to hold him back. Grandal explained that the game went through a phase where a lot of comments were being made. The Chicago catcher said that it was unacceptable and a low blow. He wanted to make sure that he had got his teammates\’ back. Grandal added, \”There\’s no way thet you\’re allowed to say something like that.\”

The MLB announced an investigation into the whole incident following the incident, prompting the Yankees manager to react. Aaron Boone told that he was aware of the issue and would get to the bottom of it.

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