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“Want To Become My Own,” Yankees Brightest Prospect Gets Real On Comparison With Aaron Judge

Spencer Jones, a rising prospect, finds himself in a unique position as he navigates the early stages of his career while being compared to one of the game’s most prominent figures, Aaron Judge. The Yankees prospect has drawn parallels to Judge owing to his 6-foot-6 tall figure.

This year, Spencer Jones earned a spring training call-up as a non-roster invitee. While the prospect has been phenomenal so far, the constant pressure of comparison has also intensified. Amid the mounting expectations, in a detailed interview, Jones opened up on his perspective on the entire saga. And he also shared his take on the Yankees’ captain, Aaron Judge.


Spencer Jones Wants To Make His Own Identity Amid Comparisons With Aaron Judge

Spencer Jones, Aaron Judge

Comparisons often lead to unrealistic expectations, which is a nightmare for a budding athlete who is just trying to follow his passion. However, Spencer Jones is an exception. The New York Yankees’ 6-foot-6 towering outfield prospect has been making waves this year not just for his spring performance but also for his uncanny resemblance with Aaron Judge. Judge, the Yankees captain, is one of the most celebrated names in MLB. The former MVP holds the record for hitting most home runs in a single season. Naturally, to break through the shadows of comparisons is tough. But Jones remains unfazed by the speculations. The prospect, in conversation with MLB.com, reckons the chatter of comparison with Judge’ cool.’

But ultimately, he intends to do his own thing. ‘Obviously, Aaron is one of the best in the game, and it’s humbling to be compared in that regard,” added Jones. Besides the odd height, the outfield prospect shared a couple of more common traits with Aaron Judge. Both the Yankee players are from California and outfielders. “We both like playing for the Yankees,” added Jones. While the comparison is humbling, Jones is still on a quest to discover what sets him apart. He believes he lacks the experience to figure out the strong and weak points of his game. Besides, Spencer Jones is always learning from the best. The prospect is speaking a lot to Judge this spring and taking cues from his authentic work ethic. Overall, Jones wants to leave a mark before spring concludes and stake claim for a roster spot in the future.

Spencer Jones Leaves Yankees Fans Awestruck With Monstrous Homer In Spring Debut

Spencer Jones

6-foot-6 towering slugger of the New York Yankees, Spencer Jones, forced the world to take notice of him during his spring debut. He smoked a 407-foot-long homer in the Steinbrenner field to kick off the Grapefruit League on a high. The left-handed Aaron Judge saw the fans and teammates in absolute awe of his prolific hit.

Indeed, Spencer Jones seems bright. He has got the tools and passion to succeed with the Yankees. Despite comparison with Aaron Judge, the towering outfield prospect is focused on doing his own thing. With an epic spring training debut, Spencer Jones has set the stage for an exciting future ahead in the pinstripes.

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