Spencer Jones
Yankees prospect Spencer Jones has been grinding through a slump offensively in High-A Hudson Valley of late.AP

Spencer Jones, a highly touted prospect known for his raw power and promising talent, has caught the attention of the New York Yankees’ organization and fans alike. Many are awaiting his transition into the big leagues. However, the no.1 prospect might have to wait for another season before he could dream of donning pinstripes.

Nonetheless, Spencer Jones understands that the stakes are high. And he needs to remain prepared when he finally gets his due. Thus, in his off-season, Jones sought help from none other than Yankees captain Aaron Judge. The superstar slugger reportedly hooked the prospect with one of his old friends, which could make a massive difference in Jones’ career trajectory.


Yankees Spencer Jones Training With Aaron Judge’s Private Hitting Coach!

Spencer Jones
Cliff Welch / Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The New York Yankees’ top prospect, Spencer Jones, has embarked on a potentially transformative journey by working with none other than the private hitting coach of Yankees’ star outfielder Aaron Judge. The decision to work with Aaron Judge’s private hitting coach reflects a strategic move to accelerate Jones’ development. And also tap into the expertise that has contributed to Judge’s success as one of the premier power hitters in the game. Aaron Judge has honed his skills under the guidance of his private hitting coach. Thus, the prospect of the coach sharing his insights and techniques with Spencer Jones suggests a commitment from the prospect to groom himself for the big league challenge.

The significance of this collaboration extends beyond the mechanics of hitting. It involves mentorship, the imparting of baseball wisdom, and the cultivation of a winning mindset. Learning from someone who has played a crucial role in the development of a player of Aaron Judge’s caliber can be an invaluable experience for a young prospect like Spencer Jones. Having said that, the Yankees offered extensive chances to young guns last season. Moreover, with the team’s approach shifting towards forming a younger lineup, Jones’ promotion could be around the corner. And the top prospect understands that and thus chose to seek Judge’s help to prepare himself for any challenge. Overall, Spencer Jones is leaving no stone unturned with his preparations. His commitment suggests that Jones might witness success in the Bronx when he finally receives his due.

Jasson Dominguez’s Recovery On The Right Track!

Jasson Domínguez in the on-deck circle prior to his first major league at bat. via Twitter NYY

Besides Spencer Jones, Yankees top prospect Jasson Dominguez debuted in the big leagues last season. However, his surge was halted due to an unfortunate and gruesome UCL injury. He underwent Tommy John surgery for the same and is currently under rehab. Moreover, with spring training on the horizon, fans are confused about his availability for the impending season.

Aaron Boone, the New York Yankees skipper, addressed the concern and claimed that Dominguez’s recovery is right on track. He will feature in spring training like a regular player. However, the manager refused to put a specific timeline. But a standard timeline for a position player suffering from a UCL tear is eight months. Thus, the Yankee fans must not expect Jasson’s return before July 2024.