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Toto Wolff (Principal Team Mercedes) Source: Sports Auto-Moto

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez, the Red Bull racing team’s drivers, are making history with the fastest-ever RB19 car. Previously, there have been fast cars in the name of Ferrari, Mercedes, and McLaren, who had their dominant era once back in their golden time. But none of them were as fast as Red Bull is today. This is something that blows the mind of the rival team’s boss, Toto Wolff.

Red Bull won all three races held so far, including the Australian Grand Prix, the place where the team did not celebrate wins for 11 years. Max Verstappen being mad Max started from the pole. And ended up being the first driver to finish the Albert Park Circuit despite the hodgepodge created by the safety car restarts. The best thing for Red Bull coming from the chaotic race in Australia last Sunday is the huge speed difference that Max Vertsppaen managed to make with the Mercedes W14 driven by Lewis Hamilton. At turn one and turn three, Max was overtaken by George Russell and Lewis Hamilton, respectively. But the red flag worked a little bit in favor of the Dutch driver as Russell faced DNF.

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Christian Horner and Toto Wolff

At the end of the Australian Grand Prix, it was again Hamilton Vs. Verstappen, and like many times, Verstappen’s stunning moves and Red Bull’s strong car together defeated the Mercedes superstar. Verstappen took the lead by nine damn seconds! Not only in Melbourne. But the two-time champion also shocked everyone with the massive speed gap. But also in Jeddah, where Red Bull secured a grand one-two victory with 15 seconds gap.

Teams Mercedes Appreciates Red Bull For The Masterpiece They Developed In RB19.

Meanwhile, what’s important for Red Bull’s fans to know is what Toto Wolff is saying about Red Bull racing. He says, “It is just mind-boggling.” What? The speed advantage that Red Bull has on the straights with the DRS!

Toto Wolff finds it very impressive that Red Bull did a really good job and built a car that is fast on the straights. Now that the team has done the homework well, they have given the rest a task: “to figure this out with the tools that bring on the same performance on the straights.” Besides, the boss, the driver, Lewis Hamilton, also praised the rival team for the mind-blowing work they did. He simply claimed that RB19 is the fastest car he has ever seen in his entire F1 career.

Red Bull & Mercedes
RB19 and W14 on the track

Mercedes, on the other hand, started the season on the back foot. But they did not stop bringing upgrades. After the first race of the season in Bahrain itself, the team accepted that they had chosen the wrong direction, and now, step by step, they are changing the concept, which may take a few initial races. As they said, they did bring upgrades in Australia, and it resulted in Hamilton getting back to the podiums.

Team Mercedes has already declared that a BIG upgrade is coming into the W14 car in Imola May. So indeed, it is worth giving hope. Fans are now allowed to expect good from team Mercedes.