Felipe Massa
Felipe Massa Lewis Hamilton

A Formula One world championship that ended back in 2008 in Spain is not yet finished examined. Who was the winner? None other than Lewis Hamilton! Created history, he won his maiden title in 2008 with McLaren, just after a year when he debuted in the sport. However, recently, Felipe Massa, the then Ferrari driver who was defeated by Lewis Hamilton 15 years ago in the 2008 driver’s championship, emerged to show his unacceptability coming from the judgment. The decision was taken based on the ‘crash gate’ took place in the Singapore Grand Prix.

The controversy took birth last month after one of the F1 supremos, Bernie Ecclestone, appeared to claim that back in 2008, whatever mishmash took place, FIA was aware of it. And still, nothing was done to prevent it. However, this controversy is not something that can be ignored. Because this can take one of the titles of Lewis Hamilton, making him a six times world champion. This will apparently separate the Briton from standing neck to neck with Michael Schumacher. Let’s see how intense the threat is to Hamilton.

2008 2
The 2008 F1 crash

What Happened in 2008? And Why Lewis Hamilton Should Not Have Won That Championship?

Now if you are not aware of what exactly happened 15 years ago in the Singapore Grand Prix, keep reading! It’s interesting and important for the fans Of the Mercedes Superstar.

Lewis Hamilton won his first championship by beating Felipe Massa over the Marina Bay Circuit in 2008. But just at the end of the race, the Renault driver, Nelson Piquet Jr., crashed intentionally. He hit the wall so that his teammate Fernando Alonso could somehow win. The crash was terrible, bad enough to let Massa finish 13th and Hamilton second. Nevertheless, Fernando Alonso was exonerated. This means whatever his teammate did for his benefit, Alonso was not responsible for it.

Fernando Alonso in 2008
Fernando Alonso in 2008

Now after so many years, Bernie Ecclestone, the former CEO of the sport, who is now 92 years old, stated to F1-insider, “Per the statutes, the race in Singapore should have been canceled.” What Bernie meant to say is the race that embarked the way for Hamilton becoming GOAT today was not supposed to exist. And then, Felipe Massa, who was ahead of Hamilton before the Marina Bay race, would have won the championship of the 2008 F1 season. NOT Lewis Hamilton.

Meanwhile, given the above facts, the 42 years old Brazilian driver hopes to get back the championship he deserves. He retired from Formula One in 2017. However, he is a firm believer in the fact in Formula One, if a championship winner is decided and the driver receives the trophy. No one changes things after, despite any possibility of the trophy being theft.

Felipe Massa Fighting For Justice

Felipe Massa And Lewis Hamilton
Felipe Massa And Lewis Hamilton

Massa believes that because back in 2008, there were doubts, but still, Lewis Hamilton was awarded the championship trophy. Then Ferrari’s lawyer told Felipe about the rule. Speaking with all lawyers had given him nothing but disappointment. Meanwhile, after 15 years, when Massa gets to know that F1 did wrong in 2008 just to save the name of the motorsport, he finds it very sad. “I was the one who lost the most with the result. There are many things that depending on the country, you cannot go back to 2008, after 15 years, to resolve a situation,” said Felipe Massa.

But, “I intend to study the law and situation again.” Therefore, if, by any chance, it is possible to go back to the past and do the correct thing for the sake of fair judgment. Then Felipe Massa would not take a step back. “I would go after it thinking about JUSTICE.” He was punished for a fault that he did not even make.
Now any legal action that goes purely for justice will result in the former Maclaren driver, Hamilton losing his first F1 championship. The Threat is REAL! So a very dramatic turn of the plot is just ahead of us!